Wyze Camera Still does not turn off

I have set the above rule for my Wyze Cam v2, yet still fails to turn off when I arrive home. My other Wyze camera no problems at all.
What am I missing here ?

I am sorry you are having these issues. When you say they are not turning off do you mean they still record and send notifications.

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Have you looked at rule history to see if the rule actually triggers? Have you tried changing the location distance to a lower range?

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The rule triggers when leaving my home.
I have not changed the distance though.

What about when you return?

That’s the problem, it fails most of the time

What does Rule History show about the rule and the failure to run?

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Sorry, but where do I find the rule history?

In the app go to the account tab then rules then history.

I really appreciate your help…found the history, interestingly enough, not one event shows that one of the cameras failed to turn off when I returned home. They both say successful.
I think, when I must do is go to the history immediately when I return home when I see that one of the cameras did not turn off.
What do you think ?

History is history. If you click on the event it will give you detail of what it thinks was accomplished. Might want to check that.

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It’s strange that the history is only visible in account > rules, and not any other way of reaching the rules page, such as from the Home Screen.