Problem with Rules using a Time condition

I tried looking through the forums to see if I could find anything else, but didn’t see anything. Feel free to point me in the direction of a thread if there is one already existing!

The problem I’ve been running into is two-fold:

  1. When creating new rules it seems like it always takes 1-2 days before all devices start to follow the rules. Has anyone else run into this problem?Example: I have a schedule to turn notifications off at 8am and then to turn notifications on at 10pm. However, it took almost 3 days before all devices started to abide by these rules.

  2. I’ve currently got a rule set up to turn on a lamp if my Wyze Lock is unlocked between the hours of 10pm and 5am, and another rule that turns it off once it’s locked between the same timeframe. However, my light is currently turning itself on and off no matter the time as long as the door is unlocked or locked.

Is there any inherent problem with how the rules function or some sort of terrible lag from pushing the new rules to the cloud and it coming back down to the devices? Please tell me I’m not the only one about to lose my mind from these issues!

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The start time needs to occur for the rule to start. Let’s say it’s 5:37 pm right now, and I just made a rule to turn on a light at 5p and off at 11p. The light won’t turn on until 5 p tomorrow. Just because we are currently within 5p to 11p, doesn’t mean the 5pm rule will auto start.


That’d be great and all if that were the case, but I set up the rule at 11am this morning and it’s been triggering my light on and off all day. Considering it hasn’t entered the timeframe of 10pm-5am, shouldn’t that mean it won’t be doing it?

Other than that single rule, I have no other rule that connects the lock with this light bulb, or this light bulb with any other device

Can you post a screen shot of the rule you made?

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The other one is the opposite, when it unlocks turn on the light between 10p and 5a. And the rule is toggled on, I just scrolled past that so I could fit the whole rule in.

There is a long-standing problem with time zones and Wyze cameras and the Wyze app. You may be getting bit by this. Unfortunately, Wyze considers fixing it a “wishlist” feature instead of a bug fix.

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Unfortunately I do not have a lock of my own so I can’t troubleshoot this exact scenario at home. I am kinda stumped. I would say keep trouble shooting by changing one thing at a time in the rule then testing, deleting the rule and starting fresh, force close the app and restart it, just to name some things I’d try first.

have you tried the “sync time” button?

Multiple times, but not sure how syncing time with the cameras has anything to do with my current situation since the cameras aren’t involved with the rule. Neither the lock or bulbs can be synced.

I’ve never needed it either but it’s just another thing to try. of all the random things that could work it would be something simple like that that would be overlooked

Syncing the camera’s time hasn’t/didn’t do anything. Bulb is still firing up every time the door is unlocked.

Hello, I am having the same problem. I setup a device trigger for all of the doors in my house, most have contact sensors and the front door has the wyze lock. I have created a rule for each contact sensor and the wyze lock to activate my wyze plug (that my lights are plugged into) when the sensor opens or the wyze door opens between a certain time at night. The contact sensors work great and only trigger the light when opened at the time window provided. However the wyze lock activates the wyze plug when ever it is opens and disregards the specified time frame when the trigger is supposed to be activated. I have deleted and re-done the rule several times now, as I figure sometimes with tech things can be buggy but it does not seem to work. I am looking for any suggestions to fix would be great. I have submitted this to tech support and will update when I get a response.

Have you considered that perhaps time has stopped in your location and the condition is never reached?

In Canada … Anything is possible. ,:grin: