2 problems with Wyze Bulbs

I am having 2 issues that may be related with my Wyze Bulbs. This is all for the older, non-color version.

  1. I have a scheduled routine set up to turn my 3 grouped lights for my garage on at 7:00pm, and turn off at 10:00pm every day. I have noticed that the time they turn on is always late. According to the app, they are turning on at around 7:20pm (exact time varies, but it’s never “on time”), and turning off at a similar time later than my schedule.

  2. I have a second group of 2 bulbs for my front porch that I have a device trigger set up. The trigger is when my front door camera detects a person motion event, the bulbs will turn on automatically. I have a time constraint set that it’s only supposed to run from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. If I turn the time constraint off completely, the trigger works perfectly. When I enable the time constraint, it will not work.

I think that both of these problems are related to each other just because of the problems I am having with #2 and it works if I take the time function out of the equation.

Some steps I have tried to fix the issues:

  • I have tried to delete/reset the schedule and device trigger, and it doesn’t help.
  • I have looked to see if there’s a “sync time” function like there is on the cameras, and can’t find anything.
  • I have checked to make sure the firmware is up to date on all the bulbs.
  • I have NOT tried to ungroup the bulbs.
  • I have NOT tried to remove the bulbs from the app completely and resetting them up (would really like to avoid that if possible because it’s such a pain).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

im going to take a shot at this…I haven’t had this exact issue but I have done LOTS of reading and one of my fellow mavens has experience this time issue as well.

going on rough memory, this I believe has to do with it ( the rule) being set right at the top of the hour. i think this meets the parameters that others have had this same issue with. try setting that rule to something like just 1-5 minutes before the hour and see if that “solves” the issue with the rule kicking in at the right time.

there is currently a new FAR MORE CAPABLE rule engine being rolled out and should be out to every one soon. it should solve issues like these and from what I’ve read, everyone testing the new rule engine now has not suffered from these same issues since being enrolled. I have some rules that kick in at the top of the hour and I have not had this issue, but my rules are relatively new anyway.

let me see if I can find something and maybe tag someone in with more knowledge with this particular issue.


Sounds great Bam. I just adjusted my times by 5 minutes. I’ll see what happens tonight.

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right on. I’ll look for the update :slight_smile:

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I know this is not exactly what you wanted. But you said, any help. So, why not set the bulb turn on time for 6:40 pm.

That would work fine for the one that I just want to come on a certain time. That will not fix the one that I have for the device trigger though. I’ll test tonight with my adjusted times and report back here with results.

I guess we don’t know yet if the issue/problem causing this is the rule, the bulb, or the app sync time? Do you have any Wyze sensors? Or anyone one else’s sensors? Just for a test, you might consider using an Alexa routine to test using the sensor as a trigger.

Come to think of it, instead of using a Wyze rule to turn them one, have you tried using an Alexa routine to turn them on?

I am not using any Wyze sensors, or any other sensors, so can’t test that route. I don’t have any Alexa devices, so that’s out.

Hopefully the time adjustment that Bam mentioned will fix it. Or if they update the app/firmware to fix the time issues the bulbs have would be a good step. IMO, if the app has the routines built in, they should work without any 3rd party add-ons.

I believe the issue is with the Old Rules Engine. I and others are testing the new Rules engine and those issues have gone away. I have had Rules setup to turn lights off at a certain time and the turn them on when a motion trigger is sensed. I had these setup to start at 10pm. However, they never started at 10. I would see up to 5+ minutes delay in the the lights going off and the trigger to become functional. I ended up moving the time back by a few minutes and the Motion trigger ahead by a minute and everything fires as expected.

Now that I am testing the new rules engine, the first thing I tested was the motion trigger and lights off times. It all worked at 10pm like requested.

@Bam is correct in his assumption and corrections, I too will be looking forward to see how @kirnkorner2001 test goes.

Here is a link to my tests that I performed when on the old rules engine: Scheduled Rules

Okay, no sensors and no Alexa devices. (wow). You could create an Amazon account, and add the Wyze skill so it sees your Wyze devices. Then create a routine to turn the lights on and off. You might have to select your 'the app on your phone" as the Alexa device.

All this might work until Wyze fixes the rules engine you use.

I have a partial solution, at least my test last night worked. Will continue to test the next few days and see how it goes.

What didn’t work:
The time to turn the garage lights on (just the scheduled task to turn on at 7:00, and off at 10:00) didn’t completely work. I adjusted the time on to be 7:05, and they turned on at 7:23 last night. However, I adjusted the time off to be 9:55 and they turned off on time. So a decent partial solution to that one that I am completely ok with.

What did seem to work:
The trigger to turn the front porch lights on when the camera detects a person seemed to work. I adjusted the times to be the same as the garage door lights (starts at 7:05). I walked outside around 8:30 last night, and the lights came on. Provided this trend continues, I will be happy with the current setup.

Thanks everyone for the help. I am looking forward to better and more consistent solutions offered by Wyze through the app coming soon.


I think when the new rule engine is fully implemented this shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Wyze has expanded devices and capabilities quite vastly since they first started…it was time for an engine update.

glad you found something to work in the mean time.

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you will know if you are on the new Rules Engine if the days of the week looks like this - Green Circles with first character of the day:

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I have a related question to this…for those that have the older bulb triggered to turn on with, for example, motion detection from a camera…when the trigger fires, in your experience, how long does it take or the bulb to turn on?

For example, I have a v3 on my front porch and a wyze bulb (original) on the front porch. I have a rule set to turn on the light when the v3 detects a PERSON between 9 pm and 5 am (the goal to obviously illuminate the porch when someone comes on the porch…it helps me to open the door with the key)…

I know the camera sees me as soon as I touch my sidewalk but it seems like the bulb doesn’t turn on until I already have my key in the door…

It seems like it should turn on the second the camera detects me…

Just trying to see what others have experienced.

In my limited experience with this so far (2 tests) that have the same triggers set up (camera detects person, and the lights turn on), it has taken about 10 seconds before the light turns on. I haven’t timed it exact, but it is not instant like you said. I would have suspected it would be faster too, but maybe it has to hit the Wyze servers for the AI to say “that’s a person”, then report back and run the rule.

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yea, that’s what I’m thinking…there’s a delay because of the server/engine. I do hope it improves…because, like I said by the time the bulb comes on I already have the door open.

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you are 1000% correct there.

Anyone else have their bulbs not going by the setting to return to previous state on power interruption? We have had some storms around here lately and my bulb have all been turned on on power restoration. Also my rule for turning on a light in the morning has stopped working. :man_shrugging:

I just wanted to close the loop on this topic. As previously discussed, the new version of the Wyze app has resolved the issues I was having with the times. My bulbs that are set to come on automatically at 7pm are turning on on time, and turning off on time, even with the time set to the top of the hour. My bulbs that are set to turn on only when my cam detects a person, and only during a certain time frame are working great.

Thanks everyone for the help, and thanks Wyze for updating the app to take care of the time issues!

Hey, I didn’t help. But in behalf of those that don’t see your comment, we happily around here take all the Thank You’s that we can collectively get. You are very welcome.

Y’all come on back and see us, ya hear? :slight_smile: