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This is not a huge issue, but I think it is something worth reporting. This issue has been in existence for sometime, but since I am testing the Beta Release of the App, I figured I would report it here and see if anyone else is experiencing this.

First, this seems to only apply to the Scheduled Rules and not the Trigger or Favorite rules. With that said, I am testing a bunch of different rules for lighting, motion sensors, and Notifications. I have the following rules setup (among others):

  • 3:30 am, turn the lights on in my Family Room, turn off Notifications on the Living Room and Family Room Motion Sensors.
  • 10:00 pm, Turn off Family Room and Living Room Lights, Turn on Notifications for the Living Room and Family Room Sensors.

Here is the issue, the 3:30am rule fires as expected and at the exact time. However, the 10:00pm Rule fires at 10:03pm consistently. Not sure why the evening rule is 3 minutes off but the morning rule seems to fire correctly.

Like I said, not a huge issue, but curious as to why this is. I have attached an image, the top 3 shows the time of 10:03 pm. Remember, my rules are set to run at 10:00pm.

I submitted a log today for this: 130874. I have submitted tickets and logs in the past.

have you checked video and seen that on the clock times on the live views that is what time it is executing as well? im wondering if the log is off a bit and it is executing at the right time, or the true off time is 1003 too.

I would sit in the room as well and check it against the “internet” time on your phone as well. maybe click the sync button and make sure everything is caught up.

Yes, I am in the room to see when the lights go off. At 10:03 they will shut off even though I set the rule to turn off the lights at 10pm.

But the 3:30am rule is fine.

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hmmm. have you tried deleting and remaking the rule?

Yea, deleted recreated. Synced time on Camera where Bridge is connected.

It’s an interesting issue as it seems to only affect the night rule.

Today, I will move the time back to 9:57pm and see if the rule fires at 10 or 9:57. More testing to be done.

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I just changed my rule to turn the lights off at 9:57. However, I left the notifications to start at 10:00 as a comparison.

I observed the same issue. The light in my office turns ON as scheduled, on time. The OFF occurs 3 minutes late.

Glad I am not going crazy. Doing a test by moving the off time.

@Bam and @isaiah58,

I did my test as mentioned above:

  • Moved the lights to 9:57pm
  • Left the notifications at 10:00pm.


  • The lights went off a few seconds before 9:57pm, which was acceptable. No delay.
  • Motion Sensor Notifications were activated at 10:03. 3 Minute Delay - confusing.

Will continue with the testing to try and narrow it down

Planned Test Tonight

  • Changed lights to go off at 9:59pm
  • Changed Motion Sensor Notification to be active at 10:01pm

Idea is to narrow down the time before it starts waiting 3 minutes. in addition, trying to determine if it is an issue with the Sensor, Bulb or both.


I have a rule to turn on motion detection at 1100p, and its always 1103. Rule to turn off at 630am is always on time. Youre not crazy.

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LOL – thanks. What was odd is that I moved my rule back to 9:57 and it worked. Wonder if there is an issue when you set it at the top of the hour. I will know tonight when my second test runs.

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Ok, so my test yielded the following results:

  • Lights went off at 9:59pm as the Rule was setup
  • Turning on Motin Sensor Notification at 10:01pm, Notifications got turned on at 10:04pm. 3 Minutes late.

So looks like the issue is not with the Lights, but rather with the sensors or maybe Wyze Sense. I am going to put the lights back to 10:00pm and see what happens.

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Thank you for your continued testing and updates! This is the type of thing I love to follow as typically good information comes from it to run up the ladder to Wyze when applicable or help other community members with more often than not. Very well done and VERY CONCISE!

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This is what makes beta testing and early adopting fun, at least for me. :slight_smile:

I signed up to be a beta tester, not to get early releases of FW or the app (which is a benefit), but to provide enough information to hopefully assist Wyze in providing the best experience when the final product is released.

In the scenarios I shared, all I am doing is setting routines. Plus, they are set up in my Alexa App

My Bulb turns on per schedule. It turns off three minutes after Alexa sends the command.

This may indicate the issue is with the handler.

Interesting. I am only using the Wyze App for now. So far, when I set the activating of the Notification on my motion sensor to a different time from the turning off the bulb, the bulb seems to go off as planned. The sensor notification activation is still 3 minutes late.

My new test tonight is as follows:

  • Sensor notification activation at 9:58pm
  • Lights off at 10:00pm

So you are not using any Wyze Sense in a Schedule Rule?

Ok - the results were not what I expected.

  • 9:58 pm Sensor Notification Activation occurred on time. No Delay
  • 10:00 Lights Off, occurred at 10:03. 3 Minute Delay.

I would have bet that the Sensor would have been 3 minutes delayed. I would have lost that bet.

So now I Changed it one more time…

  • Sensor Notification Activation On at 9:58pm
  • Lights Off at 9:59pm. (Last Night, this time worked as expected. So we will see if it does again)

Time will tell. Anothe 24 hours of waiting. :slight_smile:

Ok good news on the Rules, the Scheduled Rules and Triggers worked this time.

  • Activate Motion Notifications at 9:58pm, activated at the time requested
  • Turn Lights off at 9:59pm, lights went off precisely at 9:59pm
  • I have a Trigger Rule to turn lights on when Motion is detected. This trigger is set for 10:01pm, and it worked at the requested time.

So it seems that there is something about scheduled rules at 10:00pm (or maybe top of the hour as @empire1 indicated same issue at 11:00pm). If I scheduled a Scheduled Rule at 10:01, it was also 3 minutes late as indicated above.

Trigger Rules don’t seem to be affected, or at least I have not noticed it.

Hope this testing will Help Wyze in correcting a potential issue with Scheduled Rules.

*** FINAL EDIT ***

I now have my Notification and Lights off Scheduled rule Kick in at 9:59pm. I have my lights go on if motion is sensed at 10:01pm. Skipped the 10pm hour. Everything is working great. Not sure what it is about the top of the hour (at least 10pm) but skipping it all together has yielded positive results. Go figure.

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