Contribute your ideas to Rule Templates

Hi Guys,

I know that when you create a rule, it’ll take more than 10 steps, which makes me frustrated. We’re working on the Rule Templates, which can greatly reduce the steps of creating a rule.

The user flow could be like this (not decided yet), with only 3 steps to create a rule.

Our final goal is that the templates will be generated based on your device and your routine. While, at first, we can only provide common templates that work for everyone.

So for these common templates, will you share your rule-setting? If that works for you, it may work for others. Your rule-setting could be our templates in the Wyze app used by millions of people.

You can post your rule-setting like this:

Rule Type:  (Shortcut/Schedule/Device Trigger/Location Trigger)
Time condition: if any
Device trigger: if any

You’re also welcome to post your ideas about Rule Templates.


I have one question before sharing my rules, is this also for you to get a set of additional items we would like to be added as Rules options? Such as:

  • Toggle type of rule so we don’t have to create a RUle to Turn on Lights and Another to turn off lights - for example. It would be nice for 1 rule to act as a toggle.

  • All or for multiple triggers in one rule - Maybe add Contact Sensor and Motion Sensor to turn lights on and then when the contact closes and no more motion then lights could be turned off.

Curious as some of the rules seem duplicated because you have to create a rule for each action.


I use Dashboards and setting modes to setup the house the way I want it for a given time. For example:

Rule Type: Schedule
Trigger / Condition: Time

NOTE: I also have shortcuts to automatically set the mode when selected

Night Mode

Morning Mode

Home Mode

Evening Mode


Hi @spamoni4

  • Toggle type is a good suggestion. While it has its limitation, e.g. a bulb could be turned on/off, while other devices may not have the inverse actions. I’ll think about it.
  • Multiple triggers are in our roadmap.

True, Bulbs, plugs, Camera’s, etc. Basically anything which you have an on/off setting for.

This is good news.

Thanks for the feedback on this.

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Maybe a template to restart the Camera’s:

Rule Type: Shortcut
Action: Restart Cameras

Just curious… how often do you run this rule & why? I only restart if I detect a problem, and it’s not that often.

I’ll just post a couple of my rules, most of mine are pretty basic.

Actually, before I figured out my streaming issue, I would run the rule at least once a week. This would allow my cameras to stream when events were being recorded. Probably because it interrupted the recording. But now that my streaming issue is no longer a problem, I don’t really run it anymore.

With that said, I have been reading all over the forums that there are others who actually do this on routinely basis. Not sure why that is, but they do.

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So you use a contact sensor as a light switch or does it fire when a door is open. Asking, because I have seen 3d printed items to allow contact sensors to function as a switch on the wall and my Nephew is trying to figure out the best way to turn lights on in the basement, but they leave the door ajar because they have a cat.

I modified a contact sensor and wired it to a standard light switch. All my basement lights have Wyze bulbs, so I’m using this to turn on/off those lights.



Now that is ingenious. I saw where individuals have done this for leak sensors and such, but not for an actual light switch. Impressive.


I can’t take all the credit, someone else posted it & it was exactly what I needed. It’s an unfinished basement so all the lights just had a pull string. This solution makes it like a standard circuit.


This is the same as my Nephew… I am going to send these to him. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the images and idea. Even if you got it from someone else. :slight_smile:


@QiS I know you’ve heard similar things a million times on these forums, but when I haven’t heard is trigger>action (and a secondary trigger the only allows that action to stay active for a certain amount of time set by the user)

For instance, I currently have a rule that when someone pushes my doorbell I have certain lights that turn on and turn a certain color in addition to the wyze chime. I would love to be able to have a sub rule for that so those lights that come on for that rule and for that rule only only stay on for a set amount of time.

Currently I have to set up a rule that if lights are on for so long between time one and time two they automatically turn off. So I effectively have to turn off that rule in order to use those lights outside of the doorbell trigger.

It’s just a thought, I hope my spiel was fairly understandable here :slight_smile:


If I understood correctly, I would agree with you. It would be nice to have something trigger a light, then within the same trigger action, set a delay and then kick off a second action.

So in your case:

  • Doorbell is the Trigger
    • Action 1 is turn on Lights and maybe other things happen
    • Delay for x time (1 minute)
    • Action 2 is to turn off the light

BTW: I like this, have not thought about triggering a light when the doorbell is pressed.


Thank you thank you thank you yours is far more clear than my run on :slight_smile:

Sadly I can’t take full credit. When the doorbell was first out you couldn’t trigger things with it being pressed. Someone came up with the idea for the lights because it would help people with disabilities such as hard of hearing or fully deaf. I thought that was a great idea it just needs some refinement


That’s a good use case, we’ll think about it.


Thanks for the feedback on this. Glad you all are looking into it. But I must give credit to @Bam . I rephrased what he said. :slight_smile:

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