Lights on more than 59 min before or after Sunrise or Sunset

I love that we have the option to turn lights ON or OFF 59 minutes Before or After Sunrise or Sunset. My lights all have Smart plugs or Smart Switches and are controlled by rules of course.
I am wondering if there is a way to set these devices to come ON or OFF more than 59 minitues before or after Sunrise or Sunset without using a Custom time setting which is not tied to Sunrise or Sunset.

Thanks, tlhutch4

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Not sure how you can do this for any BEFORE action. Still working on a solution to that.

But, one way to extend any AFTER action is to use Alexa to build the Routine instead of a Wyze Rule.

Alexa has Sunrise and Sunset schedule triggers. She also has the added benefit of executing actions in a specific list order rather than the scatterblast approach that Wyze uses in it’s rules.

You can program a “Wait” command (which Wyze does not have) into the Alexa Routine to wait a specified amount of time before executing the next action command to turn on or off the plugs\switch.

Thanks SlabSlayer. Seems to me that just allowing more that 59 min on the pull down would do it.
However I don’t use Alexa so I guess I’ll have to wait and see if Wyze finds a solution. That would be helpful to me.

You are right It would be helpful to everyone.

Since this would be a feature enhancement to the Wyze Rules Actions, it would probably be a good post for this Wishlist Topic:

I would add it to the wish list if I knew how…

Just click\follow the cyan link in the title above Add more Actions for Wyze Rules

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