Running fan during a certain time?

There is no current function that allows for the scheduling of the fan either from within the Thermostat Schedules function or from within Wyze Rules.

Both requests are already on the wishlist.

You can search the full wishlist or roadmap for entries that have already been submitted by clicking “Wishlist” or “Roadmap” from the drop down menu, clicking the search icon, typing your search phrase (or use advanced search), and checking the “Search the Wishlist category” checkbox . Clicking on any Wishlist or #roadmap hashtag will also take you to the full list.

Alternatively, any time you click the search icon from anywhere within forum, if you preface your search phrase with “Wishlist” or “#roadmap”, it will return results only appearing in those categories.

Here is the search I did for “Wishlist schedule fan”:

The Wishlist request to add the fan to Thermostat scheduling:

The Wishlist request to add the fan as an Action within Rules for the Thermostat: