Shortcuts not working

I was wondering if anybody has any problems with their shortcuts? I have set 2 shortcuts, one to turn on motion detection at night and one to turn off motion detection in the morning. I’ve had them set up for 2 days now but they don’t seem to ever trigger. Any ideas if I’ve done something wrong?
Thank you.

I have this exact same shortcuts set up to trigger via IFTTT for all of my cameras and they work fine. Granted they were created before the beta, so maybe this is only an issue with newly created ones?

The shortcuts I’m talking about are set in the wyze app itself. I used to have them set up like that with IFTTT but they don’t work for me either anymore. Not a big deal really, but I did really enjoy them lol. I am on the beta and maybe that’s the issue. I’ve tried to get ahold of wyze but no response so far .

Have you looked here to see if the shortcuts are working or not?

“Account” tab, and then “Shortcut History”

I’m having the same issue, the shortcut history shows an error on certain steps. I can always manually turn on whatever step gets missed.

I have been trying to set up the shortcuts in the Wyze app but they do not work properly. I made 3 shortcuts already with different set up.
Away: record motion and send notifications
Home: do not record motions and do not send notifications
Night: Record motions but do not send notifications
When I switch between these shortcuts most of the time the app does not switch on or of the motion or the notification or sometimes only switch on or of one thing and forgets about the rest.

I am using the latest software on my WyzeCams on my Pixel 2XL, the app is the latest as well,
I have tried to switch off and back to the cams and also the phones, tried to unplug the cameras, format the SD cards, delete the shortcuts and make them again.
nothing helped.

How are you triggering the shortcuts? Do you have any automations set for them?

After triggering a shortcut, are you waiting a bit to check the camera status. It can take several seconds for things to take effect. I’d also suggest doing a pull-down refresh on the home screen to make sure the app and server are synced.

I am just click on it in the Wyze app. That is it.
Like now I clicked on the home and it took the motion detection away but left the sound detection on. When I switched from home to night. It turned on the motion but did not the sound detection.
And yes I did wait and yes I refreshed the home screen.

I don’t understand. You are now talking about sound detection, but your original post doesn’t mention sound detection. Furthermore, turning on/off sound detection is NOT an option for actions of a shortcut.

Perhaps you can post screenshots from the app of the exact setup of the actions for each shortcut?

I thought the shortcuts can turn on and off motion and sound as well. If sound can trigger to record a clip as motion why the shortcut can not turn that on and off at the same time?!

Turning the camera off via shortcut would disable sound event recording, but for some reason, Wyze didn’t put toggle of sound event recording itself as one of the available shortcut actions. There are many other actions for shortcuts that users would like to see implemented. You can vote for that at the topic linked below. Be sure to click he VOTE button at the top, and add any relevant comments in that thread.

My cams are recording at times they should not according to the way my shortcuts are set up. This just started yesterday. When I check shortcut history I have none since May 21.
Also, randomly, cams in a group will be turned off.