Motion to tell Alexa to display "FRONT DOOR"

Ive been looking everywhere on the internet on how to set this up but cannot find a solution. If this is not already possible I was hoping that you could forward this request to your team and see what they could do.

I am trying to setup a trigger where when the camera detects motion it will tell Alexa to “show the front door” and automatically display the camera feed to a given tablet. My reasoning to do this is because this way as someone approaches the door it will trigger and in my kitchen where i have a tablet mounted underneath my cabinets it would start the process of streaming the feed so it could be seen asap as someone waits at the door to be answered.

I know that IFTTT SHOULD do this but it can’t. You can setup a “this” to trigger the event that motion is detected but then the “that” there is nothing to tell Alexa to display the feed. Amazon recently added some support with new API’s for motion sensors that they say developers can take advantage of. See the below link to the website that i saw this.

If Wyze could put this in there software somehow that if motion is detected it would tell Alexa to display the feed that would be an awesome integration that i’m sure many people would welcome. I have read multiple forums where people are trying to do what I am trying with no success. If Wyze came out with this functionality first it would be a great feature to sell.

Link: Announcing Contact and Motion Sensor APIs and Integration into Alexa Routines, Unlocking New Customer Scenarios in Home Automation, Monitoring, and Control : Alexa Blogs

Thanks for your time!


Check out the #roadmap topic linked below. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top. I’ve added a request there to have a shortcut action to tell Alexa to show a camera.

I looked for your roadmap post but couldn’t find it. I just created one in case it doesn’t appear. Thanks for the help.

I think that as a start Wyze should first add the feature that is supported in Ring cameras, i.e. the ability to make an announcement when motion is detected. Ring cameras actually show up as a choice in “when this happens” in Alexa Routines.

However, even Ring cameras can’t automatically display the video from a motion event


That would be a great start. I agree they should do this.

This is the first thing I tried to do also when I got my Wyze cam. I hope they can do it. I suppose it’s possible though that Amazon is reserving this functionality for it’s Ring cameras and we’ll never see it.