Alexa Doorbell

I used a Wyze Sense kit to create a hands free doorbell using Alexa routines.

I have a walkway ramp to my front door so it made it simple to place a motion sensor halfway up the ramp which triggers two Alexa routines.

The first routine announces a visitor is at the door and plays a doorbell sound (which is included in the Alexa routine setup options) on two echos in the house .

The second routine triggers a skill (that I wrote) which tells the visitor that Alexa has rung the doorbell for them and then plays or sings a little tune while they wait. This skill is named ‘Door Messenger’, I change the saying and tune via a Google Spreadsheet.

I mounted a second Echo Dot near the front door which talks to the visitor and I mounted a Wyze V2 camera to be able to watch the visitors on my Echo Show and Fire HD 8 tablet.

It is fun to watch someone approach the door and hear Alexa talking and singing to them.

I found this approach to be so much better than depending on someone to push the doorbell button which half the time they either don’t see or they want to knock on the door, or worse still, they don’t press the doorbell hard enough for it to activate the inside door chime.

Oh, and since I own a 3D printer, I made the wall mount for my visitor Echo Dot, but I think you can buy them on Amazon.

Wyze has made my day! Love it.


That sounds really cool, nice job! My main concern would be false motion triggers, do you get any or many?

I don’t get any false triggers because the sensor is between the rail and the house. If I were to use the cameras motion sensing, I probably would get a few. I also restrict the time of day in which the sensor is activated. I don’t want false triggers at night when I am sleeping. Alexa has the ability to control that.


Did you use any type of a cover or anything to protect the motion sensor from weather or humidity ?

No, in my case, the ramp is under a carport so no rain can get to it.

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I think you have solved my frustration with companies not making a wireless door bell, that works with Alexa, without the camera. Arlo has something close but it is pricey.

I have a camera covering the front but no doorbell at the farthest security gate. Thank you, for planting the seed.