Chime/Notify on Motion

Is there a way to have my Google home notify me when Motion is detected on my wyze camera? Something simple like “There is motion at the front door”


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Welcome to the forum @robertsw.tx! I’m probably not the best to reply since I use Google Home on a limited basis, but it looks like you can link your Wyze cam to Google Home and then have it announced Via this function. .
I’m not sure how specific the announcement can be but but it appears you can at least link a speaker.
Wish I had more for you-good luck!

Basically, you can’t do this with a Google Home. If you’re comfortable with hacky techniques, you can check this out, but I don’t have any personal experience with it. Another forum user, @Wrecks0 posted about it earlier, in another thread.

You can do this with Alexa, though.