Doorbell V2 - Google Home / Wyze App Settings

Apologize if this has been covered, but the search hasn’t brought me results.

The problem/request is this:
I would like to have my Google home devices announce when the doorbell is pushed e.g., “someone is at the door”, and that’s it for Google.
I would still like to get people / package / friendly faces notifications pushed to my Wyze app (but not announced thru Google).

Is there a way to segregate these settings where the only thing to get alerted via the Google Hub is a doorbell “ding dong”?

Currently I turned off the Google notification as it was continually happening as the kids were playing outside.

Follow these instructions with a couple differences:

For your case, in the above instructions/walkthrough change the rule trigger to be when the VDBv2 button is pressed and the action to be turning on a different camera you have (or a plug or something). Then you have Google watch for that device to get an “On” command sent to it and tell it to make an announcement any time that happens.

If any of that is confusing, let me know and I’ll rewrite the steps here to make it more clear.

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