Stream video to google home from doorbell if person is detected

Is there a way to trigger video streaming from the camera that detected a person? I’d like to see stream video from my doorbell when it detects a person to my google home screen. Is this automation possible? I’d like to do this for my parents as their previous security system did that and they very much likes that feature. New to this ecosystem. So apologies if this is a noob question.

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I just checked my Google Home and cannot seem to find a way to do it.

I also have an Amazon Alexa, which I can set a routine to show the Doorbell when a person is detected or the Doorbell is pressed.

I know that Google is coming out with an updated Google Home which is supposed to allow for Routines and Automatons. However, it is not out yet.


I’m excited for Routines and Automations! Thanks for sharing info about this.


If you get an Alexa Show, I can tell you how to do it on one of those. Feel free to reach out if you do.


I did do this successfully with a Google Hub a long time ago, but it was a pain. There were 2 ways to do it and I think Both involved using Tasker. One was very complicated programming webhooks to do it. It took me hours to figure out and I won’t bother to look it back up because it was insanely complex to me.

The second method was to have a dedicated Android device with Tasker watch notifications from the Wyze app and when any Wyze notification had Doorbell and Person in the notification then have Tasker broadcast a pre-recorded TTS message through a Google Mini which said something like “Hey Google, show Video Doorbell” which would then be heard by the Google Hub and would then stream it automatically.

That’s how I got it to work with Google in the past. :man_shrugging:

Hopefully Google allows support to do it all natively soon. There is talk about how they’re releasing new automation upgrades, so we can hope.

But I agree with Spamoni4 that it’s much easier and better to do with Alexa.

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