2.0 Wyze App: Alert for execution

In the old app I setup two manual tasks. Once I updated to the new app version I no longer see “execution succeeded” when launching the task which makes me worry the task did not run. In checking it has but was wondering if we could get the status to show again so I do not worry.

Thanks for this – I’ve added this to out list of things to review

@CaptainMark While you’re adding shortcut stuff to the list… on iOS when you edit the shortcut list to change the order of shortcuts, you must tap and hold the twp-bar “handle” before it will activate to change the order. This is not how list order change works in other apps and not even in the Wyze app when changing the order of cameras on the Devices list.

You shouldn’t have to tap/hold the handle. I think people are going to think it’s broken.

In v2.0 when you execute a shortcut, its icon pulsates for about 3 seconds. I assume this means that it’s succeeded, but not entirely sure. i.e. what happens if it fails?

If you go into “Account”, and then “Shortcut History”, you can see the results from running that shortcut, which to me is more accurate then the old “Execution Succeeded” message, which many times was incorrect, and some cameras didn’t actually succeed.

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Thanks Mark as always :slight_smile:

Agreed re: Shortcut History, but … the benefit of creating shortcuts in the first place is to save time. i.e. I don’t want to navigate to History for confirmation each time I tap a shortcut, for instance, to turn on/off motion detection. I like the new pulse effect, but I think it does make sense to immediately confirm either success or failure. My $.02 …

I completely understood what you meant. My point was merely that there was a bug (which I had brought up to Wyze) where “Execution Succeeded” wasn’t always an accurate statement, anyway. For me there was a 50/50 chance that the shortcut actually was fully successful. If they get rid of that bug, I too would like to have the confirmation message back. :slight_smile:

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Very good. Yes, the confirmation message should not only be restored, but accurate as well. :wink:

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You are right, Shortcuts is broken everywhere.l and needs a lot of work. Do you all use it and do you think the set of actions is enough? Also, if you have more than one camera do you spend time selecting the right ones or you just add the same action to all cameras?

I think the ability to specify actions by camera or for all cameras is important. Other than what I mentioned, the user interface doesn’t seem bad to me. Especially considering setting up and editing shortcuts is not something one would do very often.

BTW, if you didn’t see it, there’s a #roadmap topic about suggested additional shortcut actions:

I’d like to see an immediate notification of success or failure. Lately the shortcut history is taking way too long for updates, or none at all.

I’m not seeing any history for yesterday’s shortcut actions.