Wyze Garage Door Controller - First Impression

Print it as big as you like at any kinkos.

R.Good, if you want a simple easy and inexpensive printer, look at the ender 3. Look for deals and you can get one for under $150.

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Thank You… Been eyeballing the Anker and thinking about getting in on the last little bit of crowd funding that is left.

Ah… I see. Could be an easy enhancement to have 3 controllers for 3 garage doors, each with a unique QR code, linked to one camera. Based on the QR code detected, camera can trigger the appropriate controllers. A camera for each door, looks like an overkill when you can view all 3 doors with one camera. I assume Wyze uses cameras so they dont have to code to all the different garage door systems to detect current state.

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Just got mine setup. I wanted to setup a trigger for the garage to open when I got home, but there is not trigger to open the garage just close it. Anyone figure this out?

Does not exist today, below are a couple of wishlist items requesting GDC open rules. Give them a vote.


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Sure there is a way to easily close it. You can use Alexa or Google commands, simply depending on what you want to call it. Here’s and easy hack to a cheap device. I’m not suggestion you remove your Wyze setup. You can add it in parallel to complement your Wyze.

I don’t seem to be able to save that or print that. Can you supply in a PDF format? Also, what QR format is that?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work with this door opener, as it has a yellow learn button. Read the instructions.

I put the image over an excel page, made it the size of four sheets of paper and am going to try that

Convert a jpg to PDF? Sure. Here you go.
The format is Alphanumeric QR code. it says “wyze.com/g

Thanks, but there appears to be a password required to print it? :neutral_face:

Can someone tell me how to program so if it gets left open for 5 min it closes automatically?

They have a setting that warns you if the garage door has been open for 5 minutes, but they do not have a setting to close the door if it has been open for 5 minutes.

Are you sure you want such a setting? You could get locked out of your house when doing something like mowing your lawn!

Is there a way to program that? I would want it to close after 5 minutes as typically that is because i’ve left the house and forgot. I can always hit the open button when I get back to open it. But is there a way to automate that?

No, it’s not protected. Others don’t seem to have any trouble with the jpg, and I’ve just double-checked the PDF. I think the trouble is local.

In windows, just right-click on the link and select “Save link as…”

I found a way to snag the original JPG. I noticed it is visually a different QR format than the original, but the GDC still reads it. So thanks! :slight_smile:

how do you get the warning after 5 min? I dont see that

GDC V3 camera settings > Accessories > Garage Door Controller > Garage Door Notifications > Notify when door left open and Remains open for [5 minutes].

They sell wireless keypads to place on the garage door jambs.