Wyze Garage Controller - Too new

OK, I admit I am a little bit frustrated. Probably should have waited until they get the bugs out of the new Garage Door Controller before I purchased and installed it.

I bought two (bundled with camera). Installed one on the first garage door, no problem. Installing the second was a trainwreck. The camera will work fine but the controller does not. Spent a couple of hours yesterday and 90 minutes today on the support line with Wyze. Of course a bunch of basic troubleshooting but nothing that addressed the issue. Level 1 support goes on hold for 3-5 minutes (think 10-15) talking with “Engineering”. I send MAC addresses, receipts, screenshots of errors, pictures of the device, etc. No help what so ever. They don’t really even have their troubleshooting done at this point. There are also bugs in the app (like make sure you don’t have iOS in Zoom Display mode, I had to figure that one on my own).

We are at an impasse. Since it is the weekend they cannot figure out how to do a return or replacement (another 30 minutes). No emails, no way to buy a replacement at a store (it’s too new), They think they may be able to resolve in “5-10 business days” but that’s it, just a hollow promise. Wasted a good weekend on Wyze. This was after calls last week since my Gen1 sensors stopped working because of a faulty insert in Gen2 camera (they way sensors used to work). Not that old, but they have no recommendations and no old inventory. They just said I needed to now purchase the home monitoring system and replace all of my sensors.

Wyze - kinda cool at times but you get what you pay for. My time is too valuable to mess with second rate stuff. Kind of unfortunate since I have 25+ products of theirs…


I think Wyze has just become too strectched out with all the new products they have taken on. In the past, their customer service was very good. But at that time, all they had was a camera. Since they have taken on all this other stuff, their customer service has really suffered. You can see it everyday on the forum. Personally, it makes me think twice about purchasing anything else from Wyze, just due to their 2nd rate customer service.

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Well, part of the reason that they have all these new products, especially the GDC, is 'cause people have been asking via wish list for Wyze to do a GDC. So, I think, you are right, they rushed it out and its not as well-cooked as it should/could be.

I have had a disaster of a time with the original garage door controller/V3 bundle and with the replacement controller they sent me. Here’s my post: When I first set up my combo v3/garage door controller, it worked great with my Genie 2028 garage door for about a day. Then the open/close button disappeared. I have been back and forth with Wyze support numerous times (sent numerous logs). I have deleted the camera and set it back up. I have reset the camera and set it back up. I have power cycled the garage door controller dozens of times. Sometimes the open/close button comes back, but usually not and if it does come back, it stays for an hour or two and then disappears. So, I have been patient hoping that Wyze fixes this obvious firmware problem. But my patience is coming to an end. Last night, my garage door opened all by itself at 2:51am. I have another camera in the garage and it caught it in the act with the garage door controller light blinking numerous times…It did the same thing a week ago at 5pm when I was in the garage working (it just started beeping and flashing and then the garage door opened). So beware if you are using this garage door controller. This thing is not baked…I forgot to mention that the Wyze support person just stopped responding to my emails…nice. I would love to know if the random opening is due to a firmware bug or some engineer in China remotely troubleshooting my controller. Either case, not good.

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