Wyze Still Sucks

I finally gave up on this POS company after spending hundreds on their cameras, bridge and sensors. Door sensors never worked reliably.

Recently I noticed that my Garage Cam with bridge attached wasn’t on. I tried all their useless tutorials only to find that everyone else who has a wyze cam V2 have the same issue.

It’s been years since I’ve been back to their website and the moment I arrived all the same anger issues started to come back.

  1. Click on shop then on security then door sensors. There is a message that you need to buy something called a Wyze hub but when you search for hub, you can’t find anything. How difficult would it be to create a link the product they now want you to buy?

  2. A message appears that a discount is offered to Cam Plus subscribers but wait after you’re logged into their website, you have to log in again to see you Cam Plus subscriptions? What idiots! Then after logging into their, I click back on shop, go back to door sensors and the offer is gone!!

  3. Then I went to this forum to find out how you buy this HUB only to find you have to login yet again!!

This is the most dysfunctional company I’ve even done business with.

Oh but wait, now they sell everything from earbud to vacuum? They can’t even fix their own website.

If anyone is thinking of buying anything from Wyze, don’t. Take it from an early adopted who spent a lot of money with these idiots. Save your money and go with another brand and save yourself a ton of frustration. If you don’t believe me, go read their forum posts,


Welcome back to the forum! Sorry for the trouble your experiencing.

Every door sensor requires a hub to link from your home internet to the sensor. Battery drain would be very fast if each sensor connected to the internet themselves. If you bought the sensors individually, you bought an expansion that adds onto your existing system. I was also unable to find the hub in their app shop, and have reported this to Wyze. The hub is available on their website though.

It’s required for you to log into the website so they can validate that you have a subscription. There’s no way for the app to tell the website your logged in. There has been some confusion on the cam plus discount, but not all products are included, and you have to have a cam plus subscription. They are working on making this process better, and the whole shopping experience app and website are currently in the process of a long term redo.

The forum requires you to login to use it, so it knows who you are. It should have already been logged in since you used the website, were they on the same device?

Sorry for the trouble you have experienced, if you have any suggestions please use #wishlist and if you have any other questions let me know. Thanks!

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