I'll be leaving

I found Wyze an interesting company and bought like 7 or 8 cams, some sensors, two scales, a watch, the laughable little vacuum, But it’s time to move on. I think there is too much fluidity in the product mix. Quality takes a back seat to innovation.

You’ve lost my trust. I spent a couple of hours fabricating metal brackets to my garage door would precisely accommodate a sense sensor I bought a while ago and just took out of the box (I put in new batteries). Doesn’t work. Not supported, it’s yesterday’s product. How could such a relatively simple thing not work? So many things just boil down “sucks to be you”. Not “Wyze will do it right”. Then there’s the security item. “What item?! we acted perfectly appropriate!”

The sensors on my SimpliSafe I’ve put on my door have never once failed to work. Two of my four Senses were DOA. The one that “works” hardly works. It doesn’t work in realtime. The sensor is 20 feet line of sight to the WyzePan cam/Bridge. It’s operation is pretty rubbish.

Sure, Wyze was value disrupter delivering items at 50-80% the cost of existing products. But when you can’t trust them, how good of a value is it really? I don’t trust it to monitor my garage door. The outdoor cam? Meh… So much meh…

I think you’re rushing to find your next “killer app” (like the Cam) to become the next Apple or whatever. You need to stick to your knitting. Improve and strengthen your products instead of discarding them and fluttering off to the next great idea. As it is now, you have a couple of nice products at a good value and a bunch of marginal stuff that doesn’t cost much. You want more of that?

Sorry to be negative, but you need this feedback. Do with it as you wish.

Hope you do well, but it will be a while before I’m putting anything in the my purchase basket again.


Wyze doesn’t actively monitor the forums, this is primarily a user to user forum, so I don’t think wyze is going to see your feedback.

The v1 sensors have issues that couldn’t be fixed with firmware updates, which is why they were retired. It wasn’t until they neared the end of their battery life that the issue was found.

I, too, was a victim of this as I bought them about 1 month before they were retired. Luckily, I managed to get a working bridge and a full set of sensors from wyze support as I was in warranty, but they have slowly started dieing. This is the only product I’ve bought that was just a complete fail.

The motion sensors have no issues, it was just the contact sensors.

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I’m about done with Wyze as well. This company is so bent on making more and more products and not fixing issues with current products. Seems like just about everything they release has an issue. It really gets old after a while.

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To be fair, their iHealth (Apple’s gotta be hating that) No-Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer is good if you don’t mind its accuracy being +/- 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit. But as others have said elsewhere on this forum, at such cheap prices it’s not reasonable to expect their stuff to work as advertised and when it does it’s a fortunate coincidence deserving of gratitude. :joy:

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As the saying goes you get what you pay for unfortunately.