Goodbye Wyze, Hello Reolink

Well I’m done fighting. What good is a great price on a camera if the supporting software sucks?

  • No garage widget - We still can’t open/close our garages without going into the app
  • No lock widget - Can’t lock/unlock the door without going into the app
  • The feeds in the app shut off randomly for no reason
  • The website feed is a joke. My daughter could build a better website. I could build one over lunch better than this hunk of junk.
  • No option to view from third party. Yeah I know you can fudge it, but it doesn’t work for crap either
  • No easy way to automatically copy video to a NAS
  • PTZ. Another joke. Stop points are lost or simply wrong with the camera going somewhere else.

Yeah, my new Reolink PTZ cameras were $110 apiece …but man…they work so much better. The software Reolink provides is SOOO much better. I have left the DEKSTOP app running and…wow…my cameras are still showing feeds after three days. I’m lucky if the Wyze ipad app goes three hours without dropping a feed.

I could go on and on but the bottom line is…you get what you pay for. Take some advice - dump it before you invest the amount of time and money that I have.


I see a few Reolink cams for under $110. Which is the one you recommend? I try to keep an open mind.

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I have a few Reolinks too, they are far more reliable than Wyze.

too bulky, too heavy.
nothing beats v3, i am buying 5 more.
when nosy nieighbour comes i say these are speakers to scare birds away

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I went with two E1 Outdoor PTZ Wifi as I needed wifi. If you can do POE, you can really get some nice equipment for not that much. So far I am extremely happy. The software is so far beyond Wyze. I was expecting to need a third party even with Reolink but so far I see no reason to do that. No software is perfect, but this checks my boxes which are being able to watch N number of cameras on a monitor. The auto-track is really cool as well.

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The E1 Outdoor PTZ Wifi cams are heavier because they do far more - the V3 is not even close to it in terms of functionality. Not sure why the weight matters and yeah, they are bigger but we’re not talking about a shotgun cameras (btw, since I didn’t say what I bought, how can you compare them). The mounting is extremely well thought out with multiple ways to mount included.

Regardless, glad Wyze works for you. I wanted to love them. I have recommended them to several of my friends - if all you want to do is look at the cameras when something happens and have it record, Wyze is just fine. I wanted more. Wyze has had about two years to fix some of this stupid stuff. Money was never the issue - functionality was and it’s simply lacking and showing no signs of being fixed.

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I’m pretty excited to get my reolink gear in. This last debacle was it for me. I really like the thought of reolink being easily used with an NVR or my NAS. Can’t wait to get rid of Wyze!

So far my Reolink Cams have been great, Zero issues since I started installing them over a year ago.

Every time a Wyze cam dies, or lens sucks water on the LoL weather proof V3’s they are replaced with a Reolink cam.

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Yep, got their NVR and 1 outdoor and 2 indoor cams so far. I have not once regretted this decision. Will add more cameras over time. Have completely removed all 10 wuze cams after this recent security concern also. My NVR leaves connectivity and security concerns up to me. Not reliant on any company’s security connectivity. If something doesn’t work, it’s up to me to fix it. So far, zero down time since I’ve installed :smiley:

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It’s too bad the is no Wyze Good Will store. These old cams could be useful to those less fortunate.

I used to go to Goodwill and drop off still functioning electronic items until one day I was accused of dumping unusable items. Never went back.

Edit - There’s a county site nearby that accepts them for recycling, for free. That’s where I go now. No questions asked.

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