The last straw

This was the last straw. I’ve bought hundreds of dollars of Wyze equipment over the last 3+ years, and until now, had been recommending them to neighbors. I can’t take the unreliability any more, I’ve canceled my subscription and am moving to a different platform.

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Have you decided an a platform? I’d be interested to know which one and why. I’m also fed up but haven’t come up with a suitable alternative. I want outdoor wired cams and I don’t want to spend a fortune. Haven’t found any yet.

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Reolink nvr
At first wyze was working great then the stuff started happing and the camera’s would work then they started doing weird stuff on and off. Then wyze offered a pay what you want … failed, that disappeared as fast as it came. Wyze can not make up they’re minds. And being a customer subjected to this unreliable services. I have started to use a different service

I like ReoLink too. I used ReoLink at a former employer. Might be because my former employer had their network locked down pretty tight, but I had to VPN in to view the cameras and footage. Wyze has worked okay for me, mainly because I don’t update camera firmware or App versions until I see positive words on the Wyze Forum. Pay what you want is still available with a Cam Plus Lite account.

Out of curiosity as I’m not familiar with Reolink. Can you have the cameras at one location and control them remotely from another, the way you can with Wyze?

The ReoLink unit I used had 8 inputs for video cables. We had video cables running through the ceiling with cameras mounted up high on the walls. I would VPN in to the company network to view cameras in real time and look at recorded footage (if I was in the building no VPN was needed). The unit was setup to record any motion. I don’t remember it having AI capability. This was several years ago, so ReoLink units may offer additional capabilities now.