Cameras are in the trash

Wyze products are JUNK. Too much time just making sure they are working. I haD 2 outdoor and 3 wired and none of them work. I bought them a few years ago thinking they would last. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!
I know they won’t post this but it makes me feel better typing this article.



Well, the signal may be a little weak inside a metal can. but I guess the up-close image will look presentable. But don’t be disappointed if the rest of us don’t share the same experience. :slight_smile:


MBrady8124 - it’s too bad you wouldn’t even ask these wonderful volunteers if they can help you get your cameras working again. They have helped hundreds of folks just like you and me with problems that I bet are just like the problems you are having. Oh well, it’s your loss…



I receive no compensation from Wyze. My comments are my personal observations.

I have over 20 Wyze cameras. A selection of v3 and WOC. Every one of them works to my satisfaction. 14 of the v3 cams are outdoors.

Are you using the router supplied by your internet provider?

We can surely help but you need to ask first.


i posted on the forum. It’s just a bad product. I have 5 cameras that are useless.

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I bought my first cams several years ago as well. I started with 5. Now I have 27 installed, 4 more waiting to be installed, and two in the delivery pipe. 75+ Wyze devices in total (as well as many devices from 4 other ecosystems).

So far, only 1 Wyze device gave up the ghost and it was replaced under warranty. All others are still doing exactly what they are told to do.

BTW, if those are older discontinued cams, you can most likely sell them. Many legacy users are snatching them up at every opportunity because of their features.


First off, let me be clear, my response is not directed toward OP or trying to change anyone’s mind who has already made the decision to leave Wyze. I respect that. In fact, I am glad that not everyone loves Wyze. It is GOOD for everyone that some people don’t love Wyze. This helps improve competition, innovation, and make Wyze continue to work on their chosen values so that we all benefit…both Wyze customers and non-wyze customers benefit from the competition and having alternatives to Wyze out there. Plus, arguing and debating with people rarely to NEVER changes someone’s mind. So I have no intent to change the mind of someone who has made up their mind. That is not the intent of this point. I respect such decisions and wish every such person well. Everyone helps Wyze in their own way, whether they patronize them with business or support the competition to make Wyze work harder and innovate. All have their place in the long run, and I am totally here for both sides and wish all well.

Instead, my comments are more directed to other observers with thoughts a bit more like mine, as well as other people who might be seeking some other insights on the topics brought up.

This phrase is usually used with intended derision, but it always has the opposite effect on me. Perhaps it is related to my aversion to convention or my affinity for contrarianism and going against the flow, but in my experience with Wyze, this phrase has come to be seen as more of a compliment to Wyze and as derisive to everyone else since it has come to mean the opposite for me…I have used multiple other companies, including big-name companies, and so far I have not found any of them to be “better” than Wyze…more expensive, yes, but I did not get more from any of them by paying more to give them higher profit margins…I found I was just giving them more money that the owners and shareholders took for themselves without more features or better reliability, quality, etc. :man_shrugging: I have mentioned this a few times, including in a partial jesting response about my Wyze “addiction” here:

However, there are hundreds or thousands of variables that make different things work better for different people. There are countless different routers and varying protocols that can make a difference, as well as an astronomically high variance of settings and environmental factors.

What I can say is that it is absolutely possible to have consistent, reliable, fully functional Wyze cameras just like many other people, including myself have. I have over 40 Wyze cameras (as well as some cameras from other companies), and I don’t have connectivity issues with Wyze. So, if Wyze was the problem, then I would expect everyone (including me) to have problems. But if some people have perfect connectivity, then the question is what is the difference? It could be many different things, but they are more likely issues with something at the person’s house.

Here I made a list of some of the most common connectivity culprits I have found:

For anyone who is struggling with connectivity, it may not be your “fault” in such a sense as “fault” goes in our society, but it can still be your responsibility to find a good resolution for yourself. In some cases, the easy way may be to simply keep trying out different brands until you find one that works well with your environment. Keep in mind though, that this is less about “this brand is better” than it is “this brand fits my current variables better”…I say this because I promise you that for ANY brand you pick, I could find dozens of people saying the exact same thing about how HORRIBLE their connectivity and reliability and functionality is. I can find people with Wyze who will tell us how horrible that other company was by comparison. We could do this for every single smart home company. Guaranteed. Sometimes it’s not that the other company is better or worse. Sometimes, if you get the right router, ISP, etc then you can even have every brand work pretty fantastically…and with similar or a balanced list of feature options…at which point, the main difference is price. Then once the issues are no longer your router or ISP limitations, “you get what you pay for” becomes derisive of the expensive high profit margin rip-off ones and a compliment to the affordable low profit margin devices like Wyze has. This is why I have come to see that phrase as a huge compliment to Wyze and derisive of the competition…I kind of think Wyze should wear it with Pride the way they have done with their core value of offering “too good to be true products” even though that phase has conventionally been used negatively too, but is taken as a sort of badge of honor here because their prices have been disruptive and caused industries to copy them and lower their prices, which has benefited everyone. Love or hate Wyze, they have done a lot to benefit everyone in the smart camera and smart home industry and brought some copycats along for the ride and pushed their main competitors to do many things they did first which has been great for all of us.

So…too good to be true, and you get what you pay for…I have no practical disagreements with these phrases, but they mean something a little different at Wyze, and to me. I see them as complimentary to Wyze in the way I interpret them.


“Some men just want to watch the world burn.” - Alfred

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“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” - Proverb


I just wish they would fire whoever is doing the garbage AI for the company. First off it can’t be actually AI. In second I’m not sure you could still call it AI if it keeps getting worse. I love wyze because when they jumped the gun for profits like usual and throw a product out there way before it should be, they go back and fix their mistakes and remedy all the issues out there. My issue with them is the supposed AI smart recognition crap is garbage total garbage. Things can not even have a vague human shape because human. My dog is constantly recognized as a car and wind chimes are cars apparently… Been complaining about this for a long time. Since before my V2 cam pan stopped being able to be controlled entirely and got a mind of its own either by being hacked or just broken and somehow only resembles the sense of humor has it making people with paranoids schizophrenia completely believe that I’m controlling it and never come back lol… I’m done ranting… Their AI department just needs to go. Id hate to have paid for facial friend recognition if it cant tell difference between a dog and vehicle or a long wind chime blowing from a person, etc…

BTW, there is a strong possibility that these objects are just initiating a motion event, but not the things being detected as vehicles. There is likely something else in view of your camera being detected as a vehicle, even if it is stationary. The AI is currently setup to detect anything, even stationary objects as AI detections, not just the moving objects. I can’t tell you how often people are surprised to learn that a parked vehicle in view of the camera is still detected as a vehicle even when it wasn’t the thing moving that triggered the event. Often, the problem can be a misunderstanding of how the detections work. Then there are a few edge cases of objects that are similar to the intended detection.

If you post a screenshot of when it detects a vehicle, there are several of us who have gotten pretty good at being able to predict what it is actually detecting as a vehicle and offer recommendations of how to resolve it.


Lots of typing and information for a disagreement in style and opinion. I might have it wrong as I fell asleep not far into the chain. :slight_smile: Some topics just charge folks up different than others. Just my opinion.

Only Wyze AI has this deficit, Terrible AI coding

Come on, my friend. This is not the case. I have cameras from other companies that will alert to stationary vehicles if I turn it on, so I know others do this too.

The standard AI detection in the industry is to analyze individual frames for specific object recognition irrespective of their pixel placement from previous or subsequent frames. That is the most common object detection service out there. It is only recently that companies have been making efforts to add object placement pixel difference analysis into the recognition process to compare frames of video to each other to detect changes between the same detected object, and not just pixel changes in general. This is much more complex.

Some companies reduce this false detection issue by requiring events to have PIR &/or Radar in order to trigger a detection, and this is often a successful method in reducing false detections, then they usually analyze individual frames with the AI still. So many companies can sometimes appear to have better AI detections overall if they require all events be triggered by limited PIR or Radar range. And, it’s not a half-bad way to help out in some cases, though it’s not perfect (the PIR or Radar or both CAN be triggered by something other than the intended detection that was desired…so something else could’ve actually been moving instead of the AI object). Even Wyze does PIR/Radar trigger limitations with some of their cameras. I personally don’t prefer this limitation, but it is certainly helpful for many use-cases in reducing triggers from pixel comparison changes (light/shadows, insects, etc).

There are now some companies that offer Object pixel frame difference analysis for their object detection schemas, but I would not say anywhere near “most” or “all” do this, though many of the big players are moving in that direction, including Wyze. Wyze has already launched this feature on their Floodlight Pro camera for example. Wyze’s new motion AI detection has been working for me pretty good on that one. I hope they will expand it to the rest of their devices in the coming months with all of cam plus.

Still, the spirit of your comment is valid, Wyze does indeed need to continue to follow through on improving the AI IQ to take inter-frame analysis into account. I expect that we will continue to see more and more companies upgrading to this, and I like that everyone (including Wyze) is moving toward inter-frame analysis now. It is a significant improvement IMO. The sooner, the better. It seriously reduces false detection issues significantly in my experience.


Sometimes I get a little frustrated but I’m fairly dogged and wanted to be in SOME sort of ecosystem and I settled on Wyze because of the form factor and price and not necessarily reliability because who was to know. I did figure out that Wyze needed a little more baby sitting. And it was aggravating to not have a desktop app since sometimes I"m in areas that I only have a wired connection.
So now I have 8 cameras, 4 at a remote location. And I have maybe 6 switches and 15 light bulbs. So yea, I guess I’m married to Wyze. I’ve never given up on any of the single items. Some I’ve taken out of service and put on the shelf because I’m reconfiguring something. But they find their way back into the system sooner or later.
My biggest problem with the cameras is keeping them connected. Sometimes they just seem to want a reboot. And it isn’t as if they all go out at the same time. It is intermittent. I suspect they might be on the hairy edge of performing.
I don’t know what your situation is but try to find out what the situation is with these. Why do they fail? Do they ever come back on line by themselves? Are the ones that are closer more reliable than those that are further away? Try to be methodical and not emotional. And don’t keep it to yourself. Post it here because it might help someone. Hey, like it or not, we’re all beta testers and if you believe in the company and the technology you have to help along the way.
No I don’t work for Wyze. I’m not sure I’d want to since they have to deal with untold issues. I do wish sometimes that they would say…hey, guess what we found in the lab the other day! When you do this and then this it results in better (worse) performance. I’d like to see that.

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So you purposefully bought junk? I’m never sure what this is supposed to mean. If you want a flawless experience and a deluxe product, then don’t bother with the entry level products. Common sense. You can expect to get what the company claims, but don’t go to McDonald’s and get upset that it tasted like fast food.

Interesting. You ever meet a person who has essentially one story, with endless variations, about everyone in their life who is always trying to make them miserable for some completely inexplicable reason? It’s too bad it would be kinda rude to hold up a small mirror in front of them when they launch into yet another one of those tired rants.


It’s a good thing 5G millimeter waves don’t affect people’s moods otherwise we all might become increasingly testy without realizing the cause of our agitation. :woozy_face: :disguised_face: :wink:


Did someone say 5G?

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You would think that when someone says ALL THE CAMERAS DON’T WORK… they might look at the delivery system of the cameras… i.e. your network!

Listen people… check your router and WiFi. Go get a MODERN WiFI network… Something that is WiFI 6 compatible. It will change everything about your network experience. And make sure you have network coverage (*** MESH WIFI ***).

Sure, the camera’s can be goofy. But if you are the type that says ALL THE CAMERAS don’t work… you don’t actually want to fix the issue… you just want to sit back and complain and blame something.

It’s lazy and disingenuous. Try harder.

For every one of you that says the camera’s don’t work… there are 10x of us that say they do and we have LOTS of Cameras working on our networks just fine. If you want cool technology, be prepared to pay for the technology required to run that stuff (faster internet package, proper networking equipment).