Cameras are in the trash

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From personal experience, I couldn’t agree more. My first router with Wyze gear was weak and pathetic. Distant cams took forever to load and dropped offline often. Then I upgraded to the latest whizbang dead spider that was obsolete by the time it shipped. Better, but still too weak and still dropped cams occasionally. I installed smart plugs on all the cams on a power cycle schedule to try to keep them fresh in the router. Then I added Mesh APs and it improved a bit. I even went so far as to try EoP (epic fail). Finally, I replaced the whole network with a 3 router mesh. Instantaneous and miraculous transformation. I’m talking choirs of angels singing with the smell of bacon and eggs cooking while tasting the best cup of coffee you have ever had miraculous. I haven’t had a single cam drop offline since installing it and I deleted all my power cycle routines more than 6 months ago. It just works.

There are far too many users who have the notion that all WiFi is the same. It isn’t. Like cars, there are thousands of makes and models and every one has a different purpose. All routers are not made equally. Most advertise quantity of signal and devices while never mentioning quality of signal. I read over and over again “It’s not my network”, “My network has great signal”, “It’s not my router”, “It’s the best Gaming router available”. I don’t understand the unreasonable expectation that WiFi IoT devices have to somehow be responsible for solving router bad behavior. I’m certainly not going to expect the cart to fix the horse when it refuses to pull it.

Thanks again for the great post!


Just for stats, over the last five years I’ve had three cameras die of the four I have installed.


I have a decent number of Wyze cams. While not perfect (mainly issues with playback on the SD cards), Many of them have been operating since spring 2018 w/o issues. Have added a few v3 since and truly no issues at all since (no idea it that coincided with CamPlus on all cameras or not).
Initially cameras were connected via Apple Airport Extreme as AP (using an Asus router) but since a year or so they are all on a tethered Eero network.

My uplink is rather slow (~6 mbps) but despite that cameras are working as expected. Looking forward to fiber here in the next few weeks with a 50 fold increase in upload speed.

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I have had a vehicle parked in my driveway since early spring and never once has my Wyze Floodlight Cam (original and Pro) ever been detected as a vehicle when it’s parked. When it moves, yes, but that’s the only time I get alerts.

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Those aren’t good stats for sure. But did they brick or stop working and just need flashed? And, was it the cam or a power adapter that just made it look like it was the cam? What models? Of the 28 cams of 9 different models and 26 other Wyze Devices I have installed since my first purchase, 1 cam died, a PanV3, and it was replaced under warranty. I guess I will just count myself as :four_leaf_clover: lucky then.


Nope. It’s the Pro.

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Lots of other replies here similar but I thought I’d add my voice anyway. Wyze products are far less expensive than most others. My Wyze camera experience has been top notch. I have had one camera die out of 20. I have had bad Wyze product experiences but not in the camera line. One was the door sensors which they abandoned after discovering that if you let the battery die, the unit would brick itself and the scale which just stopped working for me not reading anything and the vacuum never could find its way around and eventually committed suicide off the stairs. My one camera that died was a V2 (all my V1s still work). I wish RTSP worked better but after a period of success, they all suddenly stopped. That level is deeper than most consumers go so I can see why they abandoned it.

I have 3 separate locations and accordingly 3 separate networks. I have cameras that have been outdoors for many years. If you have 100% failure, then as another poster commented, it is likely on your end with the router or other network related.

I’m about to buy 2 more cameras with the new lower prices. I have wishes that they’d integrate better with DIY home automation like Home Assistant but even without, it provides me satisfactory service at a good price point.


Having a good wifi network and equipment is one thing, you need to have a good environment that works with the wifi network. The building and type of construction and materials used needs to be something that doesn’t block or degrade signal. Your other electrical equipment in vicinity of your IoT stuff and network gear needs to not interfere with the signals. Something beyond your control is your neighbors or your neighborhood. Your neighbors could have a horribly set up network that is interfering and operate on the same channel as your own, your neighbors could have electrical equipment that is somehow interfering with your network signal and disrupting your IoT. Lots of variables at play where most or all need to go right to get a good experience, but If any one of them go wrong, you’ll have a horrible experience and time trying to figure things out.


Only connection ones I still have a problem with that aren’t recently released are the joke wireless plug switch things… I can’t get those to stay connected for more than a few hours ever and it’s BS because I got a ton on Amazon on sale and they’re all completely worthless. I have like three cam pan v3s that I got soon after release and forgot to return to Amazon when they work for a week when they actually stay connected and then just completely all together died and won’t even power on any longer. I used them as my robot army and made little funny hats for them since they already had decal tuxedos… In my cam pan V2 is possessed by a demon and only comes to life despite not being able to be controlled by me whatsoever, when apparent paranoid schizophrenic people come in & it’ll come to life and follow them only after they mention something they likely don’t want to be ever heard about and it’s funny. And I forgot to mention the cam pan V3 works fine other than the retarded AI that hits on anything and calls things other things that it shouldn’t because it’s the worst programming ever with recognition… And agreed on all the early points about the app versus a web login and the lack of being able to put something on my NVR which pisses me off

Thanks for posting this, Tony. WiFi tough love. :slight_smile:


One cam pan, I believe V2, was purchased three years ago and totally died 3 months ago. Tried multiple cables and power supplies with no luck, wouldn’t even turn on. One Wyze cam V2 died last month, did the same thing, different power supply in cable but it but also not turn on. Purchased approximately four years ago. And one Wyze cam V3 purchased approximately three years ago, died last year. Although I have no recollection of how I handled that one before I threw it away.

Kind of wish you would have listed those on this forum. Or did you? I don’t work for Wyze but would like to try to figure out what failed. If it’s the same or similar problem maybe that could be addressed.

Next time one or anything else fails, I’ll post it. :grin:

I heard about Wyze Cams about 9 years ago from a Sgt I worked with. I have 14 Wyze Cams. 5 V2’s, 6V3’s, 1 V3OG, 1Pan Cam, 1 of the V2’s died, and I gave 3 of them to my son to use in his Apartment. And I’m currently using 2 of the V2’s which are black which at first were white only and I called Wyze and asked why none in black as I had explained I did CSI for a living ans a lot of victims had cameras but were white and the burglars took them bc they saw them. Soon Wyze made black ones and I got 2 of them. I had one originally in our family room and on a bookshelf. Our friends stayed at the night and they couldn’t see it bc it was black. I don’t use the Pan Cam much but it still does work. Other than every so often I have to reboot them as they go offline but otherwise they work great. I’ve told my new neighbors in my neighborhood here in Vegas and many of them bought Wyze cameras and they love them. Btw, my Orbi router is approximately 7 years old and still works great and covers 5000 sq ft.

Yeah, I have to reboot mine every so often too. Kind of annoying.

We have had our cameras for years and not once have we had any issues. I think your connection may be faulty. For as many devices that you have that’s not just a bloop … maybe 1 device but definitely not all. Check your system

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I use a rule to restart my cameras twice a week and they haven’t gone offline in months. Worth giving it a try.


Me too. I reboot mine daily. But I cheated. I added a $5 WiFi smart plug and sit it on a schedule to do it for me. Each is off at 4 am and back on at 4:05. Now, no problems. I wouldn’t even know the WiFi smart plug fixed the problem if I wasn’t sharing that tidbit with people here. Its become an invisible fix.

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