I once was a fan now I realize this company is junk

I had nest cameras before I switched to wyze. They were the most rediculously priced tech items I ever bought (not the most expensive just what you received for the money spent) I loved wyze at first but it didn’t take long to realize that unfortunately you get what you pay for. I never had one software issue, cloud issue, image, sound, event recording, late alert or any other headaches from nest in 2.5 years. I have them everyday with every product I have purchased from wyze and I have a few! Multiple v2’s multiple v3’s panscan door sensors motion sensors outdoor plugs and they are all junk. Constantly needing power cycled, reset, firmware checks pulling out sd cards, nonfunctional mics and every other possible issue that one could imagine. I just love having to pull the ladder out everyday to do needless things all because I wanted to pay a cheaper price. Wyze has provided one good thing from my experience with there company and that’s to never believe a company is actually trying to provide a deal for the same products and service as another. It’s only priced that way because they don’t need the extra money to actually hire some knowledgeable software programmers or tech support. Buy cheap from China have a toddler write your code and throw a different sticker on it then reep the benefits a few dollars at a time.


100% Agree…Be-careful what you say…The Wyze Beta-testers will slap you silly. Cheap China junk is correct and Kids doing the R&D on there products (read the threads people). I gave it a go with Wyze and the Company is a let down as you stated with your points (which I will not add)…BTW…My ladder is also setup when the Cam Outdoor needs a Hard Rest for which this weekend I will be removing and Ring goes back up.


That’s why I consider Wyze products toys - to get any value you have to play with them. Tools just work when you need them.


Gee, did you buy them all at once?
If not, and you have been buying more after having problems why did you buy more?
Just wondering.


Good points.

When they started, they did promise and deliver on constant improvements.

Now, well lets look at the Scales for example. Instead of improvements to my original Scale, they created a new one. Why??, I want mine to be more accurate. Maybe send me a voucher for a discount on the new one now that my old one is never going to work as promised.

WCO, will they ever improve the ability to connect within seconds and hear sounds clearly. Motion alerts take almost a minute, and forget either party understanding anything.

My band has issues, so the create a watch???

At this point, unless they commit to higher resolution that can properly capture identifiers, the cameras are good for knowing something happened and maybe partially identifying people or vehicles.

I am researching better options including functional value


I concur on the lack of support. Getting help is impossible.


My experience with Wyze even if I have an issue has been great , it just depends on who you come in contact with for help . Don’t give up just because you feel bummed. Keep trying things will get better guys ! I have high hopes for this company hopefully they bring it for this new year .


Yeah this feels like an R&D company that wants to get paid. So we buy technology that’s half baked where the purchaser is responsible for finding the bugs. We’re all beta testers! Don’t attack me fan boys :laughing:


You been marked,Welcome to the Club.

Don’t you guys have anything better to do with your lives?

Yes…Being retired I spend time on the beach watching…


So you’re the creepy old guy on the beach. Watch out ladies!


Have to give them credit on the alarm issue. I’ve been having issues with the alarm base unit and keypad unit rendering the system useless. After countless nowhere chat sessions, an employee finally took ownership and sent me a new unit. It fixed the issue. They saved a loyal customer. I buy tons of their products. Three vacuums, four light strips, alarm system, floor lamp, five cameras, and other stuff I can’t recall at the moment.

I can (in a way) agree with this.

I received Wyze’s NC Headphones about a year ago. I thought they worked pretty well and seemed like a good price for the quality. Boy-was I wrong. Since I initially received them, I’ve had to replace them twice. Every single time because they broke even with minimal use. You need to handle them like thin glass otherwise they’ll shatter like it.

Again, only in a way,
– Fishy

After seeing this thread, I consider myself lucky. Never had an issue with any cameras. I have 4, still running fine after 1 year. I have 1 v2, 2 v3s, and 1 pan. Just ordered the outdoors one.