Wyze sucks

After having WYZE outdoor cameras for over 2 years with countless issues the ENTIRE time I’m so excited to FINALLY be rid of them! We finally were able to afford a MUCH better brand. Now that we have the new ones up I can’t believe how crappy and low quality the WYZE cams are. Yes, they are half the price but they came along with countless issues. Constantly not working, lagging, buffering, randomly dying, etc. As a stay at home mom with a husband who works crazy hours we definitely got these for the protection of myself and our children. I can finally delete the app, unsubscribe from the emails. I’m so elated I had to make a post about it. If you’re considering switching DO IT. There’s so much better products out there.

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Well, what brand did you go to?


Sorry to hear about your issues , but I’ve had the WCO V2 for 8 months now and haven’t had any issues whatsoever.

I’m sure some other users could chime in and be of some help to your issues but I really like my cameras , I have the wco in my shed monitoring my tools and other valuables since the shed doesn’t have any power. I plan on adding 4 more with solar panels outside of the shed soon

Have 4 of the version one WCO, no issues here.

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It seems everyone lives in their own head… their experience is EVERYBODY’s experience. It couldn’t possibly be poor network setup or too far away or whatever else.

Nope… it’s as simple as WYZE sucks. End of conversation. Nothing else to talk about here.


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It would be nice for once that when a “Karen” or “Chad” comes in with their 1st post… they would come in with positive feedback instead of “you are terrible”.

Just not the world we live in.


1, Miss Whitney, so sorry that you had any problems even sorry for you that you had as many that made you so frustrated.
2. Some of us have hiccups too. But the cameras, and their products are an excellent learning experience. I have gained a lot of insight of my security requirements and expectations, at an affordable price, allowing me to put them in places for coverage that exceeds my needs as well as learn where I need them. And its the where to hide, angles for viewing, and sustainability for power that I can/am passing along to friends and family.
3. Its been fun. I have learned a lot from the people on this forum. Most helpful, and more valuable than all the money I have spend on Wyze products.
4. I hope she returns and shares with us what product she moved to.
5. My very best to you ma’am. Sincerely.

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Wyze provides this forum for us to help each other, learn, etcetera. Some come here just to stir it up. Perhaps, their experience is some sorta karma seeya

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Chad here, just to confirm, Wyze sucks. The outdoor wireless experience has been consistent let downs of random ‘offline’ occurrences and erratic motion detecting/failure to detect. They will catch every bit of motion from a roadway 150’ away, but will randomly fail to catch a FedEx delivery until after it’s been chunked down the porch as the contract driver is walking away. Never rely on Wyzecam Outdoor for yourself or family.


Thought this was a post about vacuums.

Seems I entered the “Whine” section. :wine_glass:🫏


I love Wyze, but do have to say their vacuums do leave a little to be desired. Everything else, including cams ROCKS!

I liked everything I’ve had until my outdoor cams stopped recording video and inly do snapshots now…
I’m trying to be a trooper and work out the bugs because like every tool I buy, I find a headache somewhere with it. Don’t want to swith only to fight some other brand

Sounds like marriage, but then I guess it is.