Wyze outdoor cam disappointment

So I bought these as I thought it would be a great option for the front of my house. Right now I just use the regular ones in a housing. No problems. For 25 bucks they’re replacable.

I thought oh great, now I don’t need to run power! It will make my life easier. Well little did I know, you have to have a base for them to connect to. On top of that the base has to be plugged into Ethernet? Am I right here? That’s a hell of alot harder then just running power. The regular ones you just toss a wifi extender on your network and you’re good to go.

And whats the point of having a camera that you can’t do playback on. Man even if i had to charge it every month I need playback. Can someone explain to me what the point of this camera is? 12 seconds and that’s it? People use these as security cameras. I dono I just feel like they really flopped on this one. I recommend Wyze to EVERYONE. Just pretty sad. I’ll just stick to the regular cameras.

I largely agree. Unless you want to do a reasonably short time lapse recording atop Mount Kilimanjaro or drop it in a sock and pummel the heck out of someone, there’s not a whole lot of value here in these. They’re not advertised as security cameras. But as you said, almost everybody uses them for security or peace of mind.

I don’t understand the aversion to plugging in an Ethernet cable. I see this complaint a lot. Are your ports inconveniently located, like in a basement utility room?
Until recently new houses had Ethernet ports everywhere. I still recommend it to builders.

Right. No playback? Motion detection does not work. Crazy. I am returning mine for a refund. I do t care if I lose the shipping costs both ways. It is a POS.

I hate to break it to you but we don’t all live in new houses. In fact where I live is an old FEMA trailer from the 1970s. So enjoy your two or more plugs on each wall with USB ports in the plugs and ethernet ports at your fingertips.
Please try to remember though, not everyone is as fortunate as you to live in home that is upgraded with all the amenities modern technology offers. Compassion for other people’s trials and tribulations can go a long way. In fact I think that’s why there is a community section for most applications and technology.
Sometimes you need to work around or something’s not always going to work for person "R"as well as it’s going to work the person “Z”. Also not everyone understands technology as well as some other people. So it can be frustrating and if they don’t feel like they have a place they can ask for help without being judged, they might never ask you just return the product and go with another brand.
Again I just want to remind everyone to be thankful for the luxuries that they have in their Daily lives. I can’t even afford to buy a computer. Thankfully I am a tech savvy person and can figure out work arounds.
There I said my piece I’m sorry if I need you angry, but honestly your original comment kind of irritated me.

Noticed you joined 9 minutes before your first post.

Welcome to the forum! What Wyze products do you own?

Welcome to the forum.

Great first post. You took my comment completly out of context and somehow found a way to turn it into an insult to you.

If you have an outdoor camera you have to connect the base to an Ethernet port. This has nothing to do with your home, abilities or current financial situation.
My comment is for people that didn’t read the specs on the product they bought then get upset when it arrives and they have to plug it in.

If you have a router in your home you have Ethernet ports.

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