Wyze Outdoor Camera Disappointment

Today we received the long-awaited outdoor camera but found that it will not work unless the base station is physically connected to a router. This was not mentioned in the advertisement for it. We have the original Wyze camera and the pancam, and love them. However, our only router is within a On-Q cabinet in the center of our home, and there is no room for the base station. Unfortunately, we will have to return the outdoor camera

Coffee?, Tea?, Class Action ???

No threat but a distinct possibility if things don’t improve


WOC disappointment.

I was so looking forward to receiving the WOC. What a disappointment. All you get with a motion event is Just 12 seconds of video to the cloud, 14 days worth. Nothing to your card. When CAM plus is added to outdoor Cam you’ll get full event for the duration of the motion to the cloud for 14 days. But It will cost you $14+ per cam per year. Thanks a lot Wyze!! I recommend you spend the bucks and get yourself a wired 4K system with a 2 to 4TB hard drive and have no monthly/yearly subscription fees you have control over your recorded motion. You’ll also have superior video quality and resolution, FPS.

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that will do nothing for the OP’s issue

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You can’t plug the base station into the repeaters Ethernet port?

No plus it messed up the other two Wyze cameras and our network got all out of whack.

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Either way the outdoor cam doesn’t work. Indoor cam I’ve had no issues with.