Bulb rules

You can’t use cam motion clear as a trigger until Wyze implements one of these two triggers:

  • Wyze Cam Motion/Person no longer detected
  • Wyze Cam Motion clear (not detected) for X minutes

You can’t use the motion clear trigger of a v1 or v2 motion sensor unless you figure out a way to shield the sensor from wet weather. And even then, they probably won’t work well for your scenario without a lot of mods, effort and frustration. v1 motion sensors are very sensitive (fixed) with long range and the PIR pattern is uniform and rectangular. v1 motion sensors are no longer sold and require a v2 cam with an installed v1 Sense Bridge. v2 motion sensors are less sensitive (adjustable) and have more of a keystone PIR pattern. v2 motion sensors require a Sense Hub which isn’t currently sold standalone (sold as part of the Home Monitoring System).

You can’t easily use preset time without Wyze implementing one of these actions:

  • Pause (wait) X seconds/minutes
  • Change Bulb brightness/color temp/color/on/off for X minutes then return to previous state

But there is a way to use time as a trigger if you have either a Wyze Plug or any type of Wyze Bulb as a sacrificial timer. It’s a convoluted process that requires 2 rules, but if you have a spare plug or bulb and care to try it let me know and I’ll mock it up for you.