Porch Light with the Wyze Build - setup?

Just purchased some Wyze Light Bulbs and have one outside on porch. I have a porch outdoor camera as well. I am trying to have the light turn on when the camera sees motion. The wall switch is on.

I can get the trigger to work upon movement (from camera) and the light will come on (but with a delay - which I would like to speed up- somewhat useless if the person comes to the porch and leaves before the light comes on!) but the light will not turn off and no where in the App does it have a delay to tun off.

What are the best settings to do something like this ? the light is in a simple porch light device.

Thanks in advance

You can create a Device Trigger Rule to tell your bulb to turn itself off if it has been on x minutes.

However, that’s not really your biggest problem. Unless someone chimes in with a fix – using a pixel-driven motion device like a camera will trigger a second motion detection when the light goes off, thus turning the light back on!

The proper way around that would be to use a PIR motion sensor as a trigger that is positioned so it can’t see the light bulb (or other things like street traffic, people walking on the sidewalk, neighbor’s kids or pets, etc.) Then you can either use the ‘all clear’ signal from the motion detector (45 seconds to a minute after motion stops) to turn off the light, or do the x minute rule thing. This would also get you more instantaneous activation. Mine will detect a person approaching my front door and activate a Wyze Bulb before they can get to the doorbell. :slight_smile:

If you must use a camera for the detection, then there are some things you might try. In a Device Triggered Rule, you can add more than one action. Some thoughts are to create a ‘x minute off’ rule, then add ‘turn motion detection off’ for the camera in front of turning the Bulb off, and ‘turn motion detection back on’ after turning the Bulb off. Since you can’t add delays to the sequence at this time, you may find that is too fast to be effective. Then you might try ‘turn camera off’ and ‘turn camera back on’ instead.

Since I’m not aware of a process that works with a camera, report back if you try one of those camera ideas! :slight_smile: