Floodlight Pro: no way to turn off floodlight light getting brighter from motion detection for only 1 day per week

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I understand the issues this creates in observance of your customs and religion.

You are correct, there is currently no way to automate the Motion Activated Spotlight to specific days of the week nor any way to automate turning it on and off thru rules. This would be requested in the Wishlist topic Add More Actions for Wyze Rules and wouldn’t be a quick implementation if at all.

There is a way however, if you are tech savvy, because it is complicated to program and there is a steep learning curve.

I use an App on my Android to automate tasks I perform within the Wyze App for which there are no Rules Actions. I use MacroDroid.

When triggered, the Macros wake up my phone, enter my passcode to unlock it, launch the Wyze App, press all the buttons I need pressed within the Wyze App (arming and disarming my HMS Security System), close the Wyze App, and relock my phone. This can also be done to open the Floodlight, navigate to the settings, and disable the Motion Activated Floodlight.