Add option for notifications when a bulb is switched on and off

Not in the Wyze app currently, but would be a good one to add to this wishlist thread. A general app notification or something.

If you want a ability now I know you can do it in IFTTT and can choose from a variety of notifications, text, email, app notification. Here’s an example of a Wyze bulb turning on triggering IFTTT to send you its own app notification.

I know this will work with the Wyze app turning on the lights because the bulb would be connected to wifi at that point. If you use a physical switch the bulb will not be connected until a moment or moments after the bulb gets power to it, turns on and successfully connects to Wi-Fi.

Edit/ if that were the case, I’d think the “turn on” trigger would be missed or non existent because now it would be a trigger of “connects to Wi-Fi” or “return to previous state” (but I don’t know how the trigger back end system really works, just guessing here).