Add option for notifications when a bulb is switched on and off

I currently only have the Wyze Bulb setup, some on a schedule, others not. No cams or motion sensors.
Is it possible to recieve notifications on your mobile phone when the lights turn On and Off ?
If so. How do i go about adding notifications when the bulbs turn on and off

This can also aid as a security feature should a burglar some how bypass the cams and motion sensors and then turn on a light.

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*I’d add this to the#wishlist. (if it’s not there already)
EDIT: I was incorrect! (see other replies)

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Not in the Wyze app currently, but would be a good one to add to this wishlist thread. A general app notification or something.

If you want a ability now I know you can do it in IFTTT and can choose from a variety of notifications, text, email, app notification. Here’s an example of a Wyze bulb turning on triggering IFTTT to send you its own app notification.

I know this will work with the Wyze app turning on the lights because the bulb would be connected to wifi at that point. If you use a physical switch the bulb will not be connected until a moment or moments after the bulb gets power to it, turns on and successfully connects to Wi-Fi.

Edit/ if that were the case, I’d think the “turn on” trigger would be missed or non existent because now it would be a trigger of “connects to Wi-Fi” or “return to previous state” (but I don’t know how the trigger back end system really works, just guessing here).


I tried creating IFTTT, not working. I don’t see the bell icon on the tile. Not sure what I’m missing.

Were you using the physical switch to turn the bulb on and off? Or using the Wyze app to turn the bulb on and off?

The bulb in my rules screen shot is just the ifttt notification service, as seen below.

If I would of used the Android and service, the icon would be this:
Either could be used for this request.

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I just tested the above applet and I was able to get ifttt notifications when the bulb was turned on via app, and when the bulb was turned on via the physical switch ( with power loss settings set to “return to previous state” and “power on”).

When using the app to turn on

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The screen shot you posted, what that applet is set to do is to “enable push notifications”, not send a notification. That action would be useful if you are leaving for work or away from the house and want to have notifications enabled. So a camera or sensor would be able to send a notification, but bulbs do not currently have any action that sends a notification. From the looks of it, you were testing it as it states “ran 5 times”. You would need to change the “THAT” in your IFTTT to some type of notification.

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Thank you very much

Got the notifications working.The only problem I’m finding is that even tho i have created seperate On and Off applets , whether I’m switching On or Off the notification always states turn Off.
Never states turn On

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Thanks for the help and patience. All working perfectly now. I’m a newbie to all of this. It would still be great if the Wyze app had the notification feature cooked in , instead of having to use IFTTT

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With enough community interest it will show up on the Dev radar and hopefully someday be implemented! Make sure to vote on the wishlist item to help it along also!

Glad you got it working! :slight_smile:

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