Automation missing features

Hello Wyze Staff;

I k ow you guys are busy but here are some simple suggestions that can make the operation of the products a little more interesting, I have a couple on automations and Device Triggers Rules:

-Add to “When” the ability to “AND” & “OR”

-Add to “Actions” the ability to trigger “Shortcuts”

Example: “When” front camera detect a person, activate shortcut “Arriving Home”

-Add Schedule to Device Triggers.

-Add “Night Vision Mode” to the “When” options that way we can use the camera mode when in “Auto night mode” to turn on lights from dusk-til-dawn, turn on Wyze Bulbs and even Wyze plugs controlling lamps and set rules only in the night time such as:
“When” front door “Opens” “AND” Front camera is in “Night Mode” Turn On “Living Lamp” & “Porch Light”.

Hi @drweld,

Your #wishlist submission has been moved to #ask-the-community because these items are already covered in the #wishlist or #roadmap as follows:

Shortcuts and Rules with multiple and/or conditional triggers

Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Allow schedule AND event to control shortcut / rule triggers - #7 by thenoblewoods

Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules

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