Night Vision Setting On Without LEDs On

The latest Wyze app has this feature now !! Remove tapes around the lens of a V2 placed behind window and turn on this feature. it is working great :grinning:


Great work Wyze! Turned off the onboard IR lights last night on four external cameras and didn’t have a single insect trigger a notification!


Yay! Happy to hear it, everyone! :smiley:


This feature is an excellent addition! Thank you folks.

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I’m going to call it the Bug-B-Gone switch!


Oooh! I like that name! :smiley:


Thank you Wyze Team!
The new feature to turn off infrared is AWSOME!!!


Very happy with this release! Keep up the good work! Thnx.

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Thank you, Wyze, for implementing this extremely useful feature for many of us who place cameras facing outside in windows. I’ve waited over a year for this super-useful feature and it’s amazing to finally have it.



Now if only i could get the camera to stop switching back to color mode when the outside floodlights turn on… maybe a lock out on the ir cut filter engaging between 10 pm and 4 am? (or whatever times it’s actually dark in your area)

You can manually change night vision from auto to on or off. Unfortunately, there is no way currently to automate that using shortcuts. So you may want to hop over and vote for the topic linked below. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top:


Very happy I can now use my cam behind glass without IR on. Good work!

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I thought this wasn’t possible watching youtube review videos but when my cam pan arrived I saw it was already an option, THANK YOU…this is huge while I await an outdoor product.

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You’re welcome, TechHead77! We’re happy that we were able to pleasantly surprise you. :slight_smile:

Is that Yi outdoor or indoor? looks good

On Cam V2 firmware
iOS app version 2.16.23

Night vision IR lights are switched off.
I turn the camera off in the app (either manually or with a device trigger)
I turn the camera back on in the app (either manually or with a device trigger) and the IR lights come on with it, and don’t match the settings:

In advanced settings the IR switch is still off but the lights are on. If I toggle the switch on and back off that does work.

yes, this is a known bug that happens on a power cycle. it had previously been fixed but has come back. make sure to send in logs so the devs can track the issue.

This bug is still present as of 02/26/2021
I submitted the logs through the app back in Dec and never got any response. Any better way to get this addressed?

sorry I didnt see your response. Ive been gone for a few days

there isnt really other than logs, just encourage anyone else you know of experiencing this issue to submit logs as well. the more logs, the more apparent a problem is for them.

I’ve had this also and came to the forum searching of others have this