Feature request. Option to turn off IR lights but still use night vision

I have an external IR light that I could use with the Wzyecam night vision out a window but can’t because the IR lights on the camera turn on also so it reflects back and is unusable.

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If the camera is not in IR mode, then the external light doesn’t work, is that right?

I suppose a primitive hack might be to make a mask out of a piece of black paper that has a hole for the camera sensor but blocks out the camera’s IR bulbs?

I tried that but I couldn’t block the IR lights without blocking the lens also.


See this Reddit post. In the replies, u/nutationsf posted a link to their taping solution using electrical tape. I’m thinking about doing this, too, until we’re able to turn off the IR emitters manually.

Night vision setting in app has Off, Auto, or On. If you have it set to Off, does it still turn on the IR? I would have thought that it wouldn’t.

However, I just got my cam so I haven’t experimented with the night vision yet.

Thank you for taking the time to check where it stands… Hopefully the programmers will find it simple to implement.

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Any idea of this is going to be implemented, and if so, maybe a timeline? Not pressing, just nosey.

Sorry, I have no idea.

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I just discovered this (below) for taping over the camera. Since it’s cloth, it is totally non-reflective. I covered the LEDs with it as well and have absolutely no reflection off of the glass it points through.