Suggested Feature

I would like to see the ability to turn off the night vision LEDs. This would allow users to place the camera behind a window at night without glare while still using night vision but making use of external night vision lights placed outside the home.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure the Devs see it.


It would be a useful feature for special situations.

Loki has mentioned a few times that this is in beta. They are working on it. Post to the roadmap is below. You can read up on it there. Hope this helps. :grinning:


How about a ‘dark’ color scheme for the app? I’m finding under some circumstances that the light green/blue-ish text on a white background is difficult to see (or the entire display is way too bright) and being able to have a dark background would bring out the text better. Just make it a switchable option in the app e.g. Light / Dark background, any dark earth-tone color would be fine.


Hey @susurus there is actually a current topic for this. make sure to vote at the top so the Dev’s seeit :sunglasses:

here you go sir. check it out