Please get rid of discover

Take a screenshot of this. 'Cause if I win, you should ABSOLUTELY remind me of this conversation. I’ll have to dye my hair a good color to go with the green. :wink:

I agree as well. Only the necessities for operating the camera should be on the main screen.


I agree with your thoughts. I submitted a suggestion about this very issue a long time ago to no avail. Should be a quick and easy upgrade.

I think everyone has made valid points about the buttons. But clearly, there are more important issues for the team. Your suggestion for one, plus the difficulty of locating a specific video playback point when reviewing a segment on AWS.


I just think it’s funny… I get the impression the folks at Wyze are more concerned about whether a couple useless buttons are found annoying than the complete lack of web interface for the cameras is found annoying! As per @OverWatch, it’s disappointing that resources are being used on this future-proofing instead of addressing some of the most highly desired features. I understand Wyze has limited resources, but that’s even more reason to expend those resources (egad!) wisely. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Moving the buttons to the top should alleviate the problem of hitting accidentally. Below shortcuts and above the top camera.
I don’t use either button, Shop is useless outside the U.S., but haven’t had a problem with them.
As mentioned by another user, with old eyes, the GUI is really not designed for anyone over 45. The tiny fonts and poor contrast make it annoying at best. I only use it when i have to.
I use TinyCam for viewing and as a server.

Something I would like to see is the ability to turn sound detection on/off by shortcuts. We have motion but not sound.

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You can vote for adding more shortcut actions at the topic below. You must click the VOTE button, top left, for your vote to count:

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Please add twitter sharing.

Sorry ZodiacSam, I don’t do Twitter, nor Facebook, nor Instagram … You get the idea. Hence my aversion to the Wyze App turning into a social media tool.

Don’t take it away from the rest of us.

@ZodiacSam, depending on your phone’s OS, you can enable sharing to twitter from the share menu. For example, on iPhone, tap the share menu on a motion clip. Scroll over to the right and tap “More”. There you will see an option to add twitter to the share menu.

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No, just no.

I agree entirely.

I bought this product, at a very good price, to perform a camera monitoring system.

May I suggest these non-monitoring items be put on the account homepage of the camera application? This way when people go to their account they can see social things, shop for more product, go to this forum and other good ideas.

Please focus on continuing to improve the actual physical camera, user interface, delightful features and functions. Thank you Tim,.,

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I see the cameras as their flagship products and unfortunately, we can’t get a public-facing bug/issue list. Flagship products should have very few, if any issues. I wrote that post shortly after giving the V2’s as small Christmas gifts and then being blindsided with v2 of the software, so I was less than happy. One of the gifts had to be exchanged and I’m not exactly enthusiastic about checking on their progress, one is still in the box and the other has turned off notifications and only plans to check it if something goes missing. These are busy people and they just don’t have time to screw around with issues, or watch other people’s videos. Adding Discover to the main page instead of delivering a solid flagship product? I just wish it was getting better.

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Since we’re talking UI, I might as well mention something UI-related.

On an iPad, Apple made the screen corners less sensitive. That’s a documented fact. The reason is to prevent “false” touches. Unfortunately, the iOS version of the WYZE app’s back button is there.

I sometimes have to hit that button several times before it to registers.

The button itself can remain the same size, but the “active area” can be made bigger. This is a common approach. I’ve used this approach myself in my own projects.

That is how I have approached it. I am not interested in sharing videos or seeing videos from other users. So I don’t tap that option.


I enjoy watching some of the videos but I never tap on that discover in the app, videos are available elsewhere I would rather view them on my 15 inch laptop then a little dinky phone screen


I feel the same way. Have the option to remove please! Shop and Discover is not needed or it should have the option of turning off or removing.

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I don’t see a problem with it. It’s useful for some people, let it stay.

Personally, I’m not interested in it, so I don’t click it. It’s not like it’s in your face and occupying major screen space. It’s a small button. Ignore it.

There are so many more important app issues that need to be addressed.


It’s a super-fun distraction, lol. Don’t click it if you don’t want that. :+1: