Can other cameras/sensors trigger cam v3 to record?

I have 8 Cam v3’s and would like to trigger most of them to record if any detects motion. Is this possible? I’ve tried continuous recording but without a way to scrub through the video or view all at once, this is impractical.

Isn’t that what (motion)Event-Only recording is all about?

Are you asking is if one camera detects motion, to cause all eight cameras to record at that time?


Yes, but only to the cloud. Here is a rule that when my driveway camera detects motion to trigger all my cameras in the outdoor group to save a clip. Each will upload a 12 sec clip to the cloud when motion is detected on driveway.

Do any of your cameras have cloud recording enabled? You can use any event clip created and jump to the playback (if you have a sd card in that camera and local storage enabled) exact time. You wouldn’t have to scrub through any footage, it jumps right to the point. Then use that same time and check other cameras if necessary.

Thanks…that makes sense. Wish there was an option to trigger the contiuous recording mode. With SD cards in all cameras, I will at least get up to minute of video on playback.

I appreciate the help!

Glad to help!

FYI, There is a wish list for more rule actions and this is one of them.

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