Wyze Light Strip Pro: Up to 16 Colors per Strip

I see reference to 16 Colors per Strip here:

The I see reference to “8 individually controlled light segments” in this review:


*and then this that refers to " 32.8" length is two 16.4 with one controller in the middle "


This leads me to believe that each 16.4" “Length” has 8 available controllable sections? for a total of 16 available controllable sections only if you purchase the "32.8 foot “Length” with the single controller?

The product page for this product is somewhat confusing on this issue.

Can someone confirm the number of segments on a 16.4" strip? 8 or 16?


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I can confirm that the 16 foot Light Strip Pro can have 16 different colors set up at 1 time. However, it looks like the 32 foot strip also only has 16 color segments. I am actually searching the forum for confirmation now,