Can the 2 16 foot Light Strip Pro sections be controlled independently?

Are the 2 16 foot sections of the 32 foot Light Strip Pro able to be controlled separately? Or are they basically just treated as a single 16 foot length?

I hope my question makes sense. When I look at the Strip in the app, it only shows a single 16 foot section, just like the 16 foot Strip. Because it was a different controller, I thought that the sections would be treated independently. So that I could set up 32 different colors from one end to the other.

Instead, it looks like when I set 1 section to red, for example, I am instead setting 1 section on each strip to red.

@WyzeJasonJ, can you tag in a PM to let me know if I am missing anything.

I think you may be right that you may be setting one section on each strip, I will see if the PM over this product is in tomorrow and try to round up a definitive answer.


I think I figured out how the 32 foot Pro works. There are still only 16 changeable segments. However, each segment goes from 1 foot long to 2 feet long.

So, if you set the first segment to red, the 1st 2 feet at far end of the “A” strip turns red. If the second segment is set to blue, the next 2 feet of “A” turns blue and so on until the end of the “A” strip by the controller.

If you set the 9th segment to blue, the first 2 feet of the “B” strip closest to the controller is blue. That process continues to the far end of the “B” strip. See screen shot below.