Grouped Lights

I received two sets today, 32’ and the 16’. I loaded them up with the latest firmware and grouped them together. The 32’ controller seems to act as the primary sensor for sound when in music mode. No issues there.

The thing that I noticed was that the effects are faster on the 16’ single strand than the 32’. I think it was the ripple effect that was noticible. Not sure if that’s intended or if there’s something odd with the longer split strand. Seems like they should operate at the same speed, as they’re all the same length (single 16’ and the split/double 16’ strands)

Yeah… that’s weird…

Check out my cloud lamp (3rd post hijack).


I guess if that cloud is your sort of thing, great job.

The reason I’m stating about the strip lights, is I have about a 50ft stretch of soffit that I’m going to place these. I’m replacing a run of basic strip lights, yes they’re outside and I know these are meant for indoors. That aside, it’s going to seem somewhat awkward if the effects are ill timed as a group.

Am I expecting too much from these, and have been spoiled by twinkly exterior synced lights?

I’m not sure what happens if you lay 2 sets end-to-end and how they sync up… i.e. are they suitable for a Christmas light show?

Overall though, I love the (2) 32 ft Pro’s I have… and new cloud lamp w/Wyze Color Lightbulb at the top.

The sync is fine between them, the duration of the effects are what seem to be different between the 16 and 32 oddly. I’m just wondering if that’s normal, a bug, something they intend to fix, etc.

They won’t be used for Christmas exclusively. They are primarilyused to light my walkway to my front door. I change the colors throughout the year based on holidays or on a whim. I just don’t want to adhere them and have the sets look bizarre if or when some fun effects are used.