Wyze Light Strip is here

Received one of my Base Light Strip, the 16.4 ft one. The 32.8 ft one and the Light Strip Pro’s have yet to be shipped.

I have to say I am impressed with how fast it came in, received my email notice on 10/18 and on 10/21 (today) they arrived. Way to go Wyze. :slight_smile:

I know what I will be doing this weekend. :slight_smile:


I had never really looked at them when they were announced, but just did. I have been running a music synchronized Christmas light show for close to a decade, so the strips being used were instantly recognized. Some interesting possibilities… I will be interested in your future reports.

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So added the Light strip to the app and started to play with them while stretched across my floor. Impressive display while in music mode. The Sample Video’s below does not do it justice. Not saying it is perfect, but I am still dialing it in and still impressive. there are 3 different Music settings to go through: Shadow, Leap, Flicker. Then there are the the normal color selection and Scenes.

Can’t wait for the Pro’s to come in to see the difference between them.

Next Step is the actual installation of the lights in its permanent position.

Here are some images:

Here are some Video’s again, more impressive in person


I received my 2 preordered strips earlier this week. The colors and options within the app are impressive, however I am super disappointed in the “white” color temperature options. They’re in no way close to the listed Kelvin temperatures in the app, like not even close to white when its supposed to be. I was hoping to use them for undercabinet lighting and not need to get a wyze plug, etc but unless this is fixable with an app update, I’m not sure they’ll work for that application. Not usually someone to be disappointed with Wyze because I understand the price point, but thought this would be an easy one. (I have also found the regular wyze bulbs are fairly off with their Kelvin values too, but not this bad)

Interesting, here is a picture of mine in the Laundry Room under Cabinet. They seem bright enough for me.

Guess they could be a bit brighter.

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Thanks for the comparison pic. What I was referring to was not a matter of brightness (I’m happy with that), mine when set to 4000k for example, which is a fairly neutral, actually are a very yellow-green. Interestingly, my phone camera really struggles to show this color and I had to adjust some settings to get it to represent reality in the picture (in person its even more yellow/green than here)

Here is a copy of my setting, as I agree mine looked similar to that when I set it initially similar to the Color bulbs I have. I ended up with this:

I set mine to 6496K