Pre-ordered Wyze Light Strips - where are they?

I pre-ordered (and paid) the Wyze Light Strips in July. Still nothing on shipping them to me.
This is Wyze Week 2021, and today (Wednesday) is “Lighting Day”. I’m very surprised to see the Wyze Light Strip available, and listed as “while supplies last. Shipping now.”

When am I to expect the light strips I ordered and paid for more than 3 months ago???

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They started shipping the 16.4 standard strips. I received my recently. the 32.8 and pro’s have yet to be shipped. I am waiting for those. Ordered the day they were available.

Which did you order?

I ordered one @ 16.4 and one @ 32.8
No email or anything yet saying one or both have or are being shipped.

I have reached out to Wyze to try to cancel my order I placed in July but they won’t let me cancel. 4 months they have had my money. Not sure I’ll be ordering anything else from Wyze.