Light Strip Use Ideas

So I bought the Wyze Light Strip Pro not realizing that they couldn’t be cut and the excess used elsewhere and/or connected. So I looking for ideas of how other wyzers have used your light strips.

I will just leave this right here… my previous thread didn’t get any traction.



What?! :open_mouth::laughing: What is that? And what last post?


I posted this over the weekend but didn’t get any comments. It’s a craft I did with my Wyze Pro Light Strip, a Wal-mart lamp, and some stuffing.

Pretty cool huh? I thought so.


Yeah! I thought it was Christmas tree at first.

We added a cove molding along two walls, but instead of attaching to the ceiling we attached them 8” from the ceiling, then attached the light strip to the molding. With the vaulted ceiling we just kept the molding at the same level s is the results. There was nothing I could due about the cord to the plug as that was the only plug close by.


Woah. Very cool. We have a vaulted ceiling too…

Glad you like it. We keep them lights at 50% and have found that is plenty to watch TV .

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