Wyze Strip Pro

i’ve tried emailing, instagram asking, lets hope I get some sort of response or guidance here. exhale…
I just received the wyze stripe pro lights and i can’t find anything in instructions to my question…if i cut the light stripe will I be able to still use them and how…awould i have to some how connect the cut portion into the connector/power or will they sync wirelessly

i’d like to understand how/if this can work before i start cutting

any response will be greatly appreciated

This should help.

From what I understand, you cannot cut Wyze light strips and reconnect them. I think there was another post about it in the forums.

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as @towelkingdom said, you can cut but not reconnect at this time. As far as I know Wyze isn’t selling any additional parts such as power supplies, either. I’ve seen other posts suggesting you can cut and solder wires to piece them together but haven’t seen anything from anyone who has actually tested this with the Wyze lights.

good thing I asked…
thanks for informing me…
i’ll def do more research b4 cutting