LED Light Strip - Connecting after cutting solution

I couldn’t get an answer from support on how to connect a cut LED strip to an existing strip to finish my daughter’s room. The folks at Wyze were awesome enough to send me another strip. However, all I needed were these connectors I found on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Y35MGWB?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details. It would be great if Wyze would add a couple of these to the packages or at least option an option to buy separately. I spent 2 days with customer support to get no answers to an easy solution. Within 5 min the light strip was up and running. Hope this helps Wyze and it helps someone else going forward with the same issue.


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Just for clarity… You had some extra from one strip that you wanted to add to another strip?


Are you running Wyze Light Strip or Wyze Light Strip Pro?


I bought the 32 foot strip. Then another because it didn’t completely wrap around her room. They currently don’t offer these clamps to connect the the existing strip from the cut strip. I found the clips on YouTube and then on amazon. One clip and the cut strip worked like a champ in less than 5 minutes. $7 on amazon for a box of clips. I have 3 strips of lights so I’m sure I will use more. I just want to help someone else out. Help them avoid the time I spent researching how to make them work. Wyze should include (1) clip or at least sell the clips on their site. Anyhow. Love the Wyze brand. Hope this helps you out.


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I don’t think Wyze does this because if too many are clipped together it can cause too much power draw and the power supply can have trouble. I have no idea what their rated for but I wouldn’t connect too many or else you could risk destroying the power supply.

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FYI, I have been in the synchronized Christmas light show world for a decade. The lighting strips that Wyze is selling is same concept as has been in the light show world for many years. Those clip on connectors have a massive reputation of being highly unreliable. Pretty much anyone who has used them, HIGHLY recommends against using them.
General comments are along the line of “Garbage”, or “Don’t waste your money”.