Cutting lightstrip

I don’t mean to sound ignorant but when cutting the light strip does that mean that once you cut a segment off that’s not connected to the power cord that segment that you trimmed off will no longer work and is useless? Thanks

Yea, once it’s cut off it’s useless. You can find aftermarket clips that can attach them back together though.

For the non Pro version, you can make them work. There are four connections: +12 volts and one connection for each of the primary colors. In a simple situation, if you connect positive 12 volts to the +12 connection and the negative (or return, or ground) to any combination of the three color connections, the strip will light. There are other controllers with varying level of complexity that can drive them just fine as well.
Although not the Wyze strips, I was soldering wires onto similar dumb strip lights last night. I use them as part of my year round outdoor landscape lighting.


What would the after market clips be called? I know nothing about the lights.

Don’t buy the clips. Although I have never used them, numerous reports within the Christmas lighting community that they work like crap and / or don’t last. No one has ever reported good success with them.

If you REALLY was to see what these clips are: