New RGB Light Strip

It may be too early to ask this question but I’ve not been able to find the answer elsewhere. With Wyze’s new RGB Light Strip, does each section still light up after you cut it? It says it’s “trimmable” but doesn’t say whether all the pieces still light up after you cut it into two or more pieces.

Not sure what exactly you have in mind but I think the answer is no. There is one power supply for the strip and once cut one section will be without power. Also I read that they cannot be spliced together and there doesn’t seem to be anyway to get additional power supplies at this time.


I have the same question and an additional one!
Is it whatever length I choose has to run in an uninterrupted?
Could I cut the light strip and add an unlit length between two sections?
Can I take trimmed lengths and add cords to them?

Trimmable doesn’t impress me if I can’t use what I trim off.

Two quotes from the FAQ:

Can I cut Wyze Light Strip?

Yes, you can cut both Wyze Light Strip and Wyze Light Strip Pro at designated cutting marks on the strip to fit your desired location.

Can you connect Wyze Light Strips together?

No, Wyze Light Strips are sold in two lengths, 16.4 feet and 32.8 feet, and are not built to be connected end-to-end. The 32.8” version is actually two 16.4” strips that have the controller in the middle.

So from those two answers you can cut them, but you cannot connect the cut pieces onto another strip nor can you connect multiple strips together.