Wyze Light Strip & Light Strip Pro - Sell the power supply and controller!

Please consider selling the power supplies and controllers in your accessories section!
I purchased a 32’ light strip and only ended up needing one of the strips. I can keep the second one as a spare in case the first stopped working, but it would be nice to have the option to buy another power supply and controller for the 2nd strip.

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So with the strip pro u get two 16ft light strips and one control and one power adapter. But i only needed to use one 16ft for my television.

My question now is…can i order another controller and power adapter for the second 16ft light strip to mount elsewhere?

Im not seeing that option to order just the control and power anywhere.
Or is there a solution to be able to have the other strip mounted and used?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated

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Not an option at the moment. Wyze isn’t selling those pieces separately.

Nope nothing listed

Separate controller for light strip

Once I cut your light strip to my desired length the remaining piece is useless without a controller. How about selling a controller that can be used with remaining sections of cut light strips.


Any update on being able purchase this yet?

Standalone Power & Control Box for Unused LED Light Strips

I bought the light strip pack and am only using about 4 feet of them in total. It would be amazing if I could utilize the remaining 10+ feet of extra lights.

It would be awesome if Wyze would sell controllers and power outlets separately to use leftover lights, or in the v2 version simply ship the boxes with 2x of each, and provide instructions on how to DIY or re-setup the cut and leftover lights!

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Bueller? Anyone? Anyone? Come on Wyze Guys! You know this is something we should be able to buy. When I have a 8 foot run and on an opposite wall I have a 5 foot it’s crazy to buy two 16 foot strips!

Help us out here!

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I was an early buyer of the light strip pro. It failed out of warranty. When I bought replacements, I figured it it was the power supply. I could really use a separate power supply to bring the extra strip and controller back back to life. I also noted that the power supplies have changed, I can only directorate that the result supplies were not reliable.

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I bought three 16’ sets when they were announced, one for each of my teen kids’ rooms. This was a little over 2 years ago. The power/control module stopped working for one (it works with one of the known working power modules) and I contacted Wyze for a replacement. It’s out of warranty and they told me they don’t sell them separately. I came here hoping to find a viable option but no go. What a waste. I don’t buy any LED lights without the expectation that they will work for several years. What a disappointment and now I’ve got to put these in the trash. I’m done with Wyze between this kind of cr@p and the security issues. My days of being one of their early adopters are for sure over.