LED Strip Pro extension

I needed 3 12’ led light strips. So i ordered and while back the 32 foot LED PRO option. I had no idea that the controller would be in the middle of the run. Now I have the needed length but I cannot separate them far enough apart to run down my beams on my porch.

Has anyone found a 3 pin extension cable that I can use to spread my strips further apart?

There are plenty of LED strip extension adapters and everything else, but keep in mind the controller is only designed to handle so many LEDs. If its overloaded, it could (unlikely though) start on fire. If you add 1 more section on it will probably be fine, but you will receive no support with this and do it at your own risk.

Also, if you try to do this on the Pro strip as you indicated, the controller wont be able to control the additional lights, and they will just stay white always. This is due to how individually addressable, or in this case sections, led strips work. the controller isn’t programmed to send data to the sections after the end of the default config, so it wont.

You can ask @R.Good to elaborate, I believe he has played with this a bit.


As I have said in several other posts, I have run a music synchronized Christmas light show for years - using similar strips to what the LED Strip Pro uses. What @IEatBeans said is correct. If you need just wire extensions, in my opinion, your best bet is to cut the wires where you need an extension and solder in additional wire. VERY IMPORTANT - get the wiring correct. Note that if you get a long enough extension, it will not work. There is a limit to how far one pixel can send data to the next pixel.

If desired, I can explain in likely more detail than you ever wanted about how smart pixels work.


Thanks for the replies. I don’t want to add additional lights, just be able to spread the two strips further away from the common controller module. You plug each strip into a molded 3 pin plug that attaches to the controller module and power source. I am looking for a cable that would allow me to plug into the module and then to the led strip. That would allow me to have my two 16.4 foot strips further away from the controller module. Kind of just like an extension male to female extension cable.

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I understood what you are trying to do. You MAY be able to find an extension cable that has the right connectors, but don’t hold your breath. Hence my suggestion to cut the wires between the connector on the light strip and the first pixel. Then solder in however much extension wire that you need. How far do you need to extend the wiring?

14 foot runs are 10 feet apart

OK, put the controller mid span between the 10 foot beams. That way it is about 5 feet from the controller to the first pixel. Should be fine. I would test that before installing it however.

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thanks i’ll give it a try