Wyze light strips are 3 colors

I bought the base light strip and some 4 pin connectors to make some jumper cables to go over the sink. All the lights power on and off but for some reason they are colored differently in 3 sections. any ideas why?


Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately I believe this is at play here:

Otherwise Iā€™d triple check the jumpers arnt crossed anywhere.

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Thought Id send a update on these lights. I ended up looking in depth at all my connections and found the problem. I ended up using the strip in 5 sections, 2 on each side connected by a L connector and I made 2 jumpers 2ā€™ long to go up over a sink. The L connectors I bought ended up being crappy half the the time. I found 2 good ones and that fixed the problem. Everything works good now although they seem fairly dim. I disconnected everything after the first splice and no change. Maybe its a setting on the app?


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