Wyze Pro Strips different colors

I preordered two Wyze Strip Pros a while back, a 16 and a 32 in length. Was super pumped to get them installed only to find out the colors are actually different. I set them in a group, coordinate the same color, and yet they look different. Anyone else having this issue? Did I get a defective product?

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Hmmm… I have (2) 32 ft streams and they seem exactly the same… of course… one of them is a cloud lamp now so it’s a bit harder to tell.

Dropping this again in this thread.



Different as in say one is red and one is green? Or different in one is blue and the other is more if a teal. Explain “different” please.

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You’re correct in stating that one is blue, the other is more teal. The diodes seem to be correct, but hues are incorrect.

Thanks for keeping me honest in my description!


I’m curious if you have had any luck with this issue. I’m so glad someone else is seeing the same thing as me
and that I’m not going totally crazy. I have two separate light strips in our kitchen. One above the cabinets and another below. I set them to be in a group and select a color and they look very different. So different that I also began to wonder if I had a defective strip. The different surfaces could be making the color look different (top shining against drywall and bottom onto the countertops/backsplash). If you were able to find what might have been causing your issue I would love to hear!

Unfortunately, I have nothing of value to provide you. I ended up returning my strips because Wyze refused to acknowledge the issue. Even with pictures, I was basically told “it’s how it is”. I ended up returning the products without issue, however.

I too am having the same issue.

It’s almost as if the yellow range is not working.

My top light strip works as I would expect. The bottom does not.

The bottom strip, when selecting yellow lights up purple and when selecting yellow, it’s a shade of white.

Perhaps a channel is miswired? I’ve reset the app, logged out and back in, force restart on the strip, and no luck.

Emailed their support line and not sure if I will ever receive a response.

Anyone have any luck?

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The correct way to ensure Support contact is to follow the ways listed on the contact us support page. You can call the phone number listed during the listed hours or use the website chat function.

I’m having the same issue where yellows (colors between red & green) in Music mode with Color Focus are mapped to either green or red. Colors between red & blue and blue & green show properly. Clearly there’s a bug.

The Contact Us web page doesn’t have a way to submit bug reports. The page for lighting doesn’t expand to show anything. I submitted logs in the iPhone app but can’t see anyway to view the ticket it created.

I’ve been a Wyze supporter for years, starting with their first camera. I’m becoming disillusioned as products are rushed out the door barely functional with no fixes or improvements for months (or ever). Wyze needs to concentrate on their current product line and customers before adding to either. This isn’t K-Mart, people won’t come back if they leave.

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve had products now that have needed firmware updates for months, and still nothing (like the robot vacuum). I love wyze, but I hope they aren’t losing their way.